The 100 – Season 1 Episode 1 – Pilot

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It’s been a while since a show with such a clear concept came around, and on the CW no less! The 100 has a really strong premise, and the pilot didn’t disappoint (much).

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So, to give a quick breakdown of what’s happening here, 100 juvenile prisoners are sent down to earth to see if it’s now viable for life. No one has been back to earth since a nuclear war wiped human life out, and fourteen space stations came together to make the Ark, where the remaining human population lives. They’re quickly running out of oxygen and supplies, so instead of sending some probe to test earth’s radiation levels, they figure it’s all good to just air drop 100 kids down there and see what happens. You might think this is a bit rash, but in a ‘world’ where anyone who commits a crime (of ay kind) is sentenced to death.

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There’s some politics at play as well on the Ark, Henry Cusik plans everyone’s favourite bad guy, Chancellor Kane, (Desmond from Lost), who wants control of the Ark for himself so that he can cull as many people as necessary to sustain the viability of the Ark. We see just how nasty he can be when he personally sentences Abigail (Clarke’s mom) to death or marches her to the air lock. I couldn’t help but think it was a pretty brutal way to do it. The message is clear, mess with Chancellor Kane and you’ll be doing the Sandra Bullock until you suffocate.

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My main (and only real) issue with the pilot was that the 100 kids were sent to earth with hardly anything. There were supplies at a nearby Army camp, but they were sent with nothing. Now surely, if Kane and everyone every wants to actually return to earth one day, they need these kids to at least survive long enough to see what happens to them. Just a thought, but, few bottles of water might have helped. Also, just how long had these supplies been there? Probably long enough for the sour cream to have gone off. Guess there won’t be any fajita parties now.


I really like the show, and how it shaped up in the pilot, even if it was a little cheesy sometimes. It does enough of everything, and didn’t leave us with either gaping holes or a list of questions to throw at the writers. It’s nice to see a show by the CW that isn’t held up by its young, attractive characters when the plot dips. I can see this show kicking around for a while, so let’s hope they don’t screw it up.


The Ninja


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