Criminal Minds – Season 9 Episode 19 – The Edge of Winter Review

Picture 34This week on Criminal Minds there was an opportunity to go a bit deeper on a case. Usually it’s all about tracking a current serial killer/murderer, but this time it was about testifying for a trial.

Morgan shows up at a mental institution in search of a woman named Daria. She had been the victim of a terrible kidnapping, and witnessed the murder of multiple people. The man who held them all captive was abusive and had the help of a partner.

Daria had run away after one of the other girls helped her escape. However, leaving her friend behind seemed to have taken a toll on Daria’s mental health. Morgan re-traced all the steps about the captor and the victims, only to find out that Daria hadn’t actually been abducted, she got into the guy’s car willingly! Apparently he was a charmer, and knew exactly how to talk to women. Ugh.

Picture 35

Picture 37

After a lot of going back and forth, it was obvious the partner was Daria! She fell in love with her kidnapper and would be forced to do horrible things to his victims!

Anyway, Morgan decided that she would just never be ready to testify, or to live a normal life again.

Sad, but very interesting. It’s good to have a look to what the BAU does beyond finding bad guys!


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