Elementary – Season 2 Episode 18 – The Hound Of The Cancer Cells Review

Picture 3

This was more like the hound of boredom! What happened here? Everything had been flowing so nicely and then boom, you drop an episode about medical patents. Agh.

Someone had built a breathaliser that can detect cancer. That someone is now dead, so as usual, questioning began. Holmes and Watson spoke to the owner of the company, a man who was close to divorcing his wife, but had a girlfriend on the side. The guy tells them how the doctor who created the device was his friend and colleague,  what a sad loss, blablabla…

Holmes buys none of it, but goes to speak to the competitors and see what they have to say. The biggest one of them tells them it’s all nonsense, if he wanted the device he would buy the company, not murder someone! Fair enough.. so now it was all back and forth to the company and the CEO. Holmes was right, the man had impersonated the doctor to be able to lie about the product, and so avoid giving all his profits to his soon ex-wife. Ahhhh!

Picture 2

It was terrible, terrible terribleee!

At least Watson had some better things to do. Marcus asks for her help to find a girl who needs to testify against a gang. The girl was hiding with an old school teacher who was well known in the community as a kind man. Marcus knew him too, so it was sad news when he ended up killed. Sometimes things can’t be fixed..

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