Perception – Season 2 Episode 14 – Obsession Review

Picture 28

Blame it on the schyzo! Poor Daniel got accused of stalking his former therapist/girlfriend Caroline. Someone’s been sending her chocolates with knives, snakes in her car etc. So yeah, she goes ahead and blames him. Beesnitch.

That’s not all, during one of his lessons he has an ‘episode’, so one of the parents of the school board is determined to fire him.

Kate receives a guest, a detective from Ontario Canada, who is also looking for Caroline’s true stalker. Apparently, this man had murdered other women and she wanted justice.

Picture 31

Daniel is absolved, and not long after, Carol’s boyfriend was killed in her own house. With Daniel suspended from teaching he has spare time to find this psycho, so during the wake he assumes that the killer will show up. Turns out, it was the hospital supervisor and the Canadian cop ended throwing him off a building. The dead girl from Canada was her niece. Ouch.

So now Daniel is out of a job, at least when it comes to teaching. However, he’s in Paris! He finally took a chance to go out there and see what the world has to offer. Also, he met an FBI guy who works for the USA embassy so yeiiiii! International Spy!

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