The Goldbergs – Season 2 Episode 2 – Mama Drama Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 14.22.39The 80s seemed like crazy days. This time, Adam doesn’t get a part in the school play, so for once, he asks his mother for help. Bev is all over it, and she decides to convince the principal to let Adam have his own play. Even Erica was willing to participate!

For once, Adam became a little monster and started bossing everyone around. One by one, all his peers quit. It was up to Erica to give him the talk. It’s rare to see her so mature, but she realised it would’ve been too hard for her mum to tell the harsh truth to her ‘delicious boy’.

Barry is also showing signs of maturity. He is sick and tired of having to leave hockey games early because of his dad not wanting to wait in the crazy traffic. He promises his dad that he is never going to a game with him again, because they missed a huge historical win at the end of a hockey match. Murray decides to take some other people to the game, only to realise that Barry was his best partner. It was a touching moment, to see the big tough man go all soft. Eventually he apologises and accepts to stay for the whole match. He realised it wasn’t about sitting in traffic, and how bored it made him, but it gave him the time to be with his son away from everyone else, and even build a memory or two while doing it.

The Goldbergs are always amazing, and it has been great to see the characters grow the same way most of us did… back in the day…before we were corrupted by smart phones and the fappening.


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