Modern Family – Season 6 Episode 3 – The Cold Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 15.58.42

Oh, the good old family cold.. You know, the one that passes like Chinese whispers, person to person. In the end, everyone is weak, ill, and the cold is just laughing as she’s packing to leave like Mary Poppins.

That cold attacked every member of the Pritchett/Dunphee clan. It was hilarious to see them, one by one, telling the camera their horrible story. Everyone got sick apart from one person, Claire. Now she is SUPER SICK, but being Claire she decides to keep working. The perks of trying to impress dad I suppose..

Meanwhile, her husband Phil has a horrible secret to keep. Him and Luke are trying to re-edit the wedding video from Cam and Mitchell’s reception. The reason? He is patient zero!! It was a cruel reality to accept, more so when you have to watch yourself on camera sneezing into a glass of champagne. Since everybody was gathering that evening to watch the video, he just couldn’t leave it alone.

Manny is trying to play football, and with Cam being the coach, Gloria is expecting results. The poor kid never wants to disappoint his mother, and Cam didn’t have the heart to tell him or Gloria that he actually didn’t have the skills (aka he sucked big time). However, Manny knew it and he was happy to not play football anymore. He was just under a lot of pressure trying to be ‘mum’s perfect boy’. Aw.

Lily is also Mitchell’s perfect girl. That is until her new friend comes over and he realises that girl is a bloody genius. Oh well, she doesn’t have Lily’s charisma, so whatever.

Mitchell did call the little girl a know it all, and you know what? I’m glad because she was annoying! If at 7 years old you have the maturity to understand you’re being annoying, then deal with it kiddo!

Haley is still avoiding Andy. When she finally gathers the courage to talk to him, they kissed… Damn, that boy can keep his cool like a cucumber! Basically Haley has found her other half, and doesn’t really know how to handle someone who is not just falling for her, like every other guy has ever done.

After multiple editing attempts, Phil just gives up. At the gathering, he plays the original video and guess what? No one noticed he was patient zero because everyone was busy looking at themselves! Vindicated! He agrees to mock up a new version of the wedding video and take out all the embarrassing parts. He spent the entire episode stressing when everyone else had their own things they weren’t happy about. At least he got away with it…*high five*


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