Baby Daddy – Season 4 Episode 1 – Strip or Treat Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 14.34.58One of our favourite shows here at TheTVNinja has returned! Baby Daddy is back for a fourth season, and surely the amount of Bonnie jokes will keep us entertained for the rest of the season. This show knows how to make each character special, funny and with quirky storylines that keep us gripped. It’s like a choir rather than a solo, and that’s why it works!

This episode was all about pranking. Riley is sick and tired of always being pranked on Halloween. It turns out the Wheelers are actually masters of the unexpected, and therefore have successfully pranked Riley over and over.

This time she is ready to get her revenge, and so she ends up planning the most ridiculous prank ever. She ‘hired’ all her acquaintances aka her manicurist, etc to trick the Wheelers into different lies. Bonnie met sexy ‘Javier’, the boys were tricked into going to a party which turned out to be a fake bachelorette gathering with loads of horny ladies. After a stripping mix up Ben and the boys are ‘arrested’. In their defense, plenty of strippers dress up likes cops!

In the end Riley looked like she was going to explode with joy once she realised she finally planned the perfect prank.

It was funny, full of jokes and ridiculous costumes. Watch it! Points to the boys for stripping in their bear costumes!!


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