The Big Bang Theory – Season 8 Episode 6 – The Expedition Approximation Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 14.16.51Everyone is busy making changes! Change is always good, but for these lot it can mean complications. This time money played a big part.

Penny decided to sell her old car, the one that Leonard gave her. Now she has a steady job, and a work car to go with it, she doesn’t need to keep her old one. This obviously upsets Leonard at first, but after some hard thinking he comes up with a solution. She has all this cash, so why not use it to start a joint account? Penny agrees and they end up throwing bills in the bed and gettin’ naughty. That’s exactly what I would have done with it!

Howard and Bernie are also on the money train. Penny and Leonard learnt that Howard has an allowance, and Bernie is obviously very controlling about it. Guess that opened their eyes into wanting to share their assets rather than being… well… Bernie and Howie. Maybe the guys need a financial rethink.

Sheldon and Raj want to go abroad to work on a mine, and do research. Instead of leaving straight away, they decide to simulate the mine environment by spending some time in a dark, warm, humid place. Somehow they found a place in the basement of the university with the right training conditions, and with Amy there to monitor their signals, the team was ready to go. Raj and Sheldon went under and talked about Hannah Montana and then a bunch of rats came out to say hello. Guess they were Miley fans..

Sheldon left Raj and ran like the wind. The trip to the mines was a big No-No after spending only 11 min. inside their ‘simulated environment’.

Sometimes it would be great to have more than short episodes, give us another double!!!!


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