The Goldbergs – Season 2 Episode 4 – Shall We Play A Game? Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 15.03.52Bev, oh freakin’ Bev. This woman is my reason to live! She’s so un-cool, she’s cool. Erica doesn’t seem to think the same, so she starts spending time with Louise, ‘the cool mum’. She is the mother of one of Erica’s best friends, and the girls have been spending all their free time with her.  Trips to the mall, manicures, the whole nine yards.

Bev is determined to be cool enough for her daughter to like her, and when Murray sees how upset his wife is, he does what any good husband would. He forced Erica to go and spend some time with her mother. Unfortunately, Bev catches up to this and ends up ditching Erica for shots with Pops in a bar. When she comes back home wasted, it’s Erica who is worried sick, so in the end the trick worked – she realised how important her mother is to her. Poor Bev, she’s a cool soul stuck in the 80s… her Madonna attire was on point though!

Barry is becoming cooler every day, or so he seems to think. He started hanging out with a group of boys, and Adam, being the younger brother, is desperate to hang out with them and be part of the group. To achieve this, he promises them he can hack the school’s grades and change them. Hacking has probably never been easy, but Adam soon discovers that it ain’t going to happen. Instead, he tricked the boys into studying by pretending he was answering questions to their exams on the computer. Clever boy! Barry is still one of the best comedy characters out there. As long as he keeps the jokes coming, the show is golden. Easy on the Falcons next time, Barry!

After all his efforts, he finally gets to hang out with his brother and his friends, but to his disappointment, it was pretty boring. A day outside the 7/11 is not what he expected. That’s life kiddo.. but at least you tried.

Another solid, relatable episode of The Goldbergs!



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