Wayward Pines – Episode 2 – Do Not Discuss Your Life Before

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Last week we tuned in for round two of the purest WTF moments of the week. The pilot wrapped up leaving us viewers with a million questions. What’s the deal with Sheriff Pope? What’s going in with TIME in WP? I’m still reeling from Bev’s confession that she arrived in 1999, and has been there around a year. Wake up Bev! It’s 2014! Well, at least in Burke’s mind.

Burke finished the first episode staring up at the huge fences that separate the town he now calls home from the outer world. Maybe you really can’t leave Wayward, much like how you couldn’t die in Fortitude (for those that have seen it). Do Not Discuss Your Life Before kicks off with Burke heading back to the house where he found the Secret Service agent’s body. Sheriff Pope rolls into the house, and Burke’s told that, rule numero uno, you don’t leave WP. (Think we got that by now, Popey). Pope sends him back to the hotel, which he does, for all of five minutes. Still with me? Okay, good. Let’s push on.

Burke doesn’t get to the hotel, because he sidetracks, and goes back to Bev’s bar. They share a pretty awkward dance to cover their conversation from the watchers and listeners. Burke tells her about the notebook on the agents body, and how he needs to go get it back.

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He then trails off to a cafe, and tries to make a few calls outward.The barista was acting soooo shady here I just couldn’t take it. Was she controlling his calls? Just listening in? Whatever she was doing looked dodgy, and I swear she was playing with an earpiece at one point. This whole place is so unsettling, and I’m beginning to get sucked in by it. Burke’s head almost exploded when he mentioned Kate to the Barista, and she said, “Oh, Kate? She’s been coming here for years.” Poor Burke. At least he finds out that Kate works at the toy store.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 13.29.08

Naturally, he goes right there, and finds Kate in the shop. He wants her to talk, to tell him what’s going on, but she still won’t give anything away. He spots that the money is all fake, which added some juice into the scene, and some more mystery (are they going for the guinness book of records?) Might as well call this place Mysterious Pines. As he’s leaving the shop, he sees a list of rules by the door. Don’t leave. Don’t talk about your life before. Always answer the phone.

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We flash quickly to Burkes family who are still looking for him. They mention that it’s been five days, something Burke also confirms in this episode, as he says he’s been in WP for five days now.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 13.30.29

Burke goes to hospital, and looks for the doctor. He sees two people wheeled in on stretchers, and realises that it’s his wife and his son. He goes crazy, as anyone would, until he finds the doc. According to the only doctor in town no new patients have been admitted since his crash, and that it’s part of his brain condition, which is now worsening. Okay, drop the unreliable narrator on us again. I’m going to be so pissed if this turns out to be all in Burke’s head!! Still, I spend most of my time with WP wondering if any of it is real.

Meanwhile, wifey is back, on the phone to Burke’s boss. She asks if her husband is in Boisie with Kate and takes his silence for a yes. So, of course, she makes her way to Boisie. Jeez, I wonder where she’ll end up!?

Now for the most ridiculous part of the episode. Bev tells Burke that he’s got a tracking chip in his leg, and so, what do you do when you’ve got something in your leg? You just cut it out, right? That’s what they did, and just duct taped the massive wound shut. I’m not a doctor, but…..Once Bev’s done playing nurse, she tells Burke that what happened to Bill is keeping everyone in line. Pope slit Bill’s throat in front of the whole town, or so she says. They move quickly, because they’ve got a dinner date with Kate and her husband.

Let’s just say dinner’s a little awkward. Burke and Bev hatch a plan before they go in, because they’re doing a runner. They play it off well for the most part, until Bev drops the bomb of her daughter from back home. Did someone just forget rule two and the theme of the week? Get it together, Bev. This is not a drill! Once dinner’s over, Burke and Bev leave the house and every single phone in the town starts ringing at the same time. Bev panicks, says it’s the same as when Bill was killed, and they run. A full on lynch mob breaks out and the residents of WP turn into hunters. Once the got hold of Bev it was all over too quickly.

Everyone’s cheering as she’s dragged onto a stage in front of the entire town, and Pope, after a little speech goes ahead and slits her throat as well. What was interesting was that, even though there’s people in the town that have gone off the deep end and embraced Pope’s own brand of crazy, there were others who very visibly shocked and upset by what was going on. Are they all prisoners?

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 13.43.04

Another week, another set of questions, but, undoubtedly, this show is doing plenty of the right things and keeping us all entertained at the same time. Until next week, WP!


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