The Goldbergs – Season 2 Episode 4 – Shall We Play A Game? Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 15.03.52Bev, oh freakin’ Bev. This woman is my reason to live! She’s so un-cool, she’s cool. Erica doesn’t seem to think the same, so she starts spending time with Louise, ‘the cool mum’. She is the mother of one of Erica’s best friends, and the girls have been spending all their free time with her.  Trips to the mall, manicures, the whole nine yards. Continue reading


Modern Family – Season 6 Episode 4 – Marco Polo Review

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This was a week from hell for all the family. Phil and Claire take the children to a hotel for a few days after they discover mold in their house. That room was more a war trench than a bedroom, but they survived.

Claire had a Plan B, which was to secretly rent another room. She did, and it only took Phil a couple of days to realise what she’d been up to. She had all the comforts and space, while the rest of her family was suffering in a crowded room.  Eventually the kids discover the truth, and decide to go to Claire’s room and leave Phil alone. He ended up mingling with other guests, particularly a Nigerian family who ended up staying at their home once the mold was treated. The kids felt guilty and realised that Phil does all those crazy things because he’s a big kid he truly loves spending time with his children. Aww.. them feels!

Cam is still the football coach at Manny’s school and is preparing for a big match. Mitchell has never been into sports, but as a sign of support, he decides to attend the match. It turns out that he could be Cam’s bad luck charm and some things are better left alone. At least he tried.

The saddest part of this episode was Manny’s first heartbreak. He had started seeing a girl, a senior, and this had Jay and Gloria on edge. It turned out the girl was caught kissing her ex boyfriend, etc, etc..

Jay saw the whole thing, but decided to leave it up to Manny to make the right choice. He did give him a really nice speech, though. The poor kid was truly heartbroken, but these things happen, and he will be back to drinking his espressos in no time. Jay’s always been a dad to him, but it’s these moments where you see that Jay is an expert in the soft approach. Good on you Jay!

A very emotional episode. It is good to see the children growing and changing, experiencing new things. The best part is watching the adults experience the same things along the way.


The Goldbergs – Season 2 Episode 3 – The Facts of Bleeping Life Review

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The time machine that is The Goldbergs is such a freakin’ joy. Every week they manage to give us the feels with their storytelling about the 80s. The resemblance that the show has to almost everybody’s life is what makes it worth watching. We live in times of nostalgia, and looking back at the 80s seems to be more pleasant than ever.

This week Barry and Adam start a band in their garage. They suck, but they still want the fame and fortune. Needless to say, Bev is their biggest fan, which left grandpa to break her the news that the kids are actually terrible musicians.

Barry is still in love with Erica’s friend Laney. In a moment of nerves, Barry ended up inviting Erica and her friend to join the band. Adam is clearly pissed off, and it all ends up with a great battle of the bands. In the Goldbergs’ garage…

Bev in the meantime is too busy planning a second wedding. She wants to renew her vows, and it’s all thanks to the royal wedding. You know, the one with Diana, not the 2.0 copy from today.

She plans this huge event, and in the end is super disappointed by Murray’s lack of enthusiasm. His one job was to write his vows, and he of course used the words from the theme tune to ‘Family Ties’, yes, the TV show..

It was sad to see Bev upset. She is so crazy, she makes everything better, so seeing her truly pissed off and depressed made the whole family work together. In the end she was woken up in the middle of the night to a beautiful second wedding in her garden.

It’s the simple things that matter 🙂

Modern Family – Season 6 Episode 2 – Do Not Push Review

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This week Jay and Gloria are celebrating their anniversary, and therefore they’ve both got gifts for each other. Knowing Gloria, one would expect for Jay to spend some cash and buy her some bling. This time it was different. He recently took a pottery class, and so he made her a bunny. He called her bunny on their first date, and the rest is history.. Unfortunately this bunny doesn’t have a diamond inside, so when Gloria smashed it without realising that Jay’d made it by hand! He was worried she was going to hate the present, but hey, in the end they both agreed that they’re materialistic bastards, and exchanged expensive gifts instead. Good for them!

Cam and Mitchell are being an absolute pain after trying to take the perfect family portrait of them with Lily. Those two can be as opposite as anything, but one thing’s for sure; they are perfectionists. So due to Lily’s poor posing and smiling skills, the photo day becomes a nightmare, until as usual, they agree that families are not perfect and neither should be their portrait. Aww.

Last but not least, the freakin’ Dunphees. Alex takes a college tour with her family. Claire, obviously pressured Alex into going to see the school because it’s close to home and Claire wants to have her cake and eat it. So last week the family was happy she was gone but now they want her to live in California? Girl, run away!!! Alex cracks and has to tell her mom flat out that she wants to go to a college far away to get space from the rest of them. Ouch. Real cold!

Phil, Luke and Haley lost most of their time in a waiting room thinking they were part of a psychology test. It wasn’t great, but at least they bonded over their lack of skills!

Modern Family – Season 6 Episode 1 – The Long Honeymoon Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 13.05.11Another favourite has made it back for a brand-new season and it was a bit underwhelming. Perhaps it has come to that point where the viewers are more attached to the characters than to the jokes, but,  in all honesty, I can’t remember the last time Modern Family made me laugh to death. Considering there is such a big cast, it’s always very repetitive and at times, not even Phil’s jokes can save the day.

This episode brought good things to some of the Pritchett’s but others were not so lucky. Cam and Mitchell are still living the honeymoon period. At least Cam is, but with his very loud ways he is making sure him and Mitchell re-live the romance again, and again. Mitchell hates it.. until he doesn’t, and they agree and make up. (Always the same with these two).

Claire and Phil are having the time of their lives with their children this summer. All of them except for Alex, who went away with class and now is stuck back at home after hating camping. After a long time of peace, the house loses its balance and harmony again. Poor Alex she always gets the short end of the stick, and has to fix her family’s problems. She might not bring balance, but she is the personification of common sense. She basically saves her family episode after episode from being stupid…

Gloria has a go at Jay because of his appearance. She thinks he should make more of an effort, and of course, Jay overreacts. Well Jay, after 6 seasons you should know that a latina woman will always over do it!

So Gloria goes and makes herself ugly for a day, just to prove the freakin’ point.

Again, a cycle that repeats itself every episode. I don’t mind it, I just wish there were more jokes – like in the good old days..

Bring it on!

The Goldbergs – Season 2 Episode 2 – Mama Drama Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 14.22.39The 80s seemed like crazy days. This time, Adam doesn’t get a part in the school play, so for once, he asks his mother for help. Bev is all over it, and she decides to convince the principal to let Adam have his own play. Even Erica was willing to participate!

For once, Adam became a little monster and started bossing everyone around. One by one, all his peers quit. It was up to Erica to give him the talk. It’s rare to see her so mature, but she realised it would’ve been too hard for her mum to tell the harsh truth to her ‘delicious boy’.

Barry is also showing signs of maturity. He is sick and tired of having to leave hockey games early because of his dad not wanting to wait in the crazy traffic. He promises his dad that he is never going to a game with him again, because they missed a huge historical win at the end of a hockey match. Murray decides to take some other people to the game, only to realise that Barry was his best partner. It was a touching moment, to see the big tough man go all soft. Eventually he apologises and accepts to stay for the whole match. He realised it wasn’t about sitting in traffic, and how bored it made him, but it gave him the time to be with his son away from everyone else, and even build a memory or two while doing it.

The Goldbergs are always amazing, and it has been great to see the characters grow the same way most of us did… back in the day…before we were corrupted by smart phones and the fappening.

The Goldbergs – Season 2 Episode 1 – Love Is A Mixtape Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 13.47.40They’re back!!!! Finally, the Goldbergs have returned to our screens, and it’s a blessing. Bev is obviously in full-force in this brand new episode.

She is like the prototype for every mother, somehow, she manages to makes us all cringe!

This time, Adam had made a ‘mixtape’ for his new girlfriend – you know first love. If you were alive then, you probably made a mixtape for the girl you liked at school, or the boy who always ignored you in the parking lot. However, who out of us ever made a tape for their parents? Unfortunately for Adam, Bev thinks the mixtape is for her and obviously this creates a massive argument between his mother and his new girlfriend. The best part was actually hearing the real mixtape in the credits. Priceless!

In other news, Erica and Barry are on the hunt for a fake ID. Erica already has one, so she has to keep her brother quiet by helping him get his own. As usual, it all goes wrong, and Barry loses his ID for flashing it around high school. The good news was that even though his dad was mad at him, he helped him look good in front of his whole class. When Barry got asked to buy beer for a party, he shows up with snacks, only for his dad to save him the embarrassment and take him home for buying ‘beer’. It was some good old 80s parenting.

This season we all hope to see more crazy sweaters and huge doses of Beverly Goldberg. She makes insanity fun, and is one of the best characters out there right now.

Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 9 – Go Brit Or Go Home Review

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So, back to New York and Baby Daddy we go again. In Go Brit Or Go Home, Danny’s been on the receiving end of some stick from a local journalist about his game. Riley meanwhile wants Ben to hang out with Philip in a bid to get them friendly, but also to get Ben to accept it and move on. Continue reading

The Neighbors – Season 2 Episode 19 – Uncle Benjamin Review

Picture 39

Everybody is going on vacation. Destination? California!!!!!

The Weaver’s are off to visit Debbie’s mum. She’s not to keen to go visit, so decides it’s best to bring as many people as possible. She invites her neighbours to join in, and off they went on a well-deserved holiday. Continue reading

Trophy Wife – Season 1 Episode 17 – The Wedding – Part Two Review

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Cricket’s in town! Kate’s mum is here for the wedding, along with Pete’s parents. She made a great entrance, arriving handcuffed after going crazy on her flight.

Kate’s obviously concerned about her mother’s behaviour. Let’s just say that when Karen from ‘Will and Grace’ plays your mother, things will get insane. She brought male strippers to the rehearsal dinner, and all the insanity that came out of her mouth was obviously repeated by Bert. Safe to say, nobody was impressed. Continue reading