Baby Daddy – Season 4 Episode 1 – Strip or Treat Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 14.34.58One of our favourite shows here at TheTVNinja has returned! Baby Daddy is back for a fourth season, and surely the amount of Bonnie jokes will keep us entertained for the rest of the season. This show knows how to make each character special, funny and with quirky storylines that keep us gripped. It’s like a choir rather than a solo, and that’s why it works!

This episode was all about pranking. Riley is sick and tired of always being pranked on Halloween. It turns out the Wheelers are actually masters of the unexpected, and therefore have successfully pranked Riley over and over. Continue reading


Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 9 – Go Brit Or Go Home Review

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 14.19.17

So, back to New York and Baby Daddy we go again. In Go Brit Or Go Home, Danny’s been on the receiving end of some stick from a local journalist about his game. Riley meanwhile wants Ben to hang out with Philip in a bid to get them friendly, but also to get Ben to accept it and move on. Continue reading

Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 8 – A Knight to Remember Review

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It’s renaissance fair time this week with Baby Daddy. The show was just renewed for another season, proving that there’s a solid fanbase behind ABC’s comedy, and I for one am happy to see another season. Outside of the renaissance fair, Tucker’s dad comes to town and creates all kinds of issues, mainly because Tucker dropped out of law school years before, and his dad thinks he’s a fully fledged lawyer. Oops. Continue reading

Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 7 – The Bet Review

ImageThis was one of my least favourite episodes of Baby Daddy. I get that a show can’t just churn out great episodes one after another but this type of filler episode is bound to make people angry. Bonnie had to reel in the comedy moments all by herself this week, because the rest of the plot was a bit silly. Continue reading

Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 6 – Romancing the Phone Review

ImageThere’s a few different things going on in Romancing the Phone. Emma’s teething, Ben meets a girl while he’s out on a walk with Emma, Riley’s meeting up with an old nemesis of hers from camp and Bonnie gets her first realtor’s bus-stop bench. Danny, meanwhile, is getting involved in all the wrong ways.

Continue reading

Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 5 – Life’s a Beach

ImageThis week, the guys turn the roof space into a makeshift Beach. When you live in the city you’ve got to make do with what you’ve got, and the guys do that well by not only sunbathing, but by setting up a volleyball net too. They get shut down pretty quickly by the not so friendly building president, Sandra, and Ben decided he’s going to run against her.

ImageHe quickly realises (because Bonnie tells him) that he’s not the most likeable guy in the building, and so he forces Tucker into it.

ImageThey both then see that actually Danny is probably the guy to use. He helps the old ladies with their bags, and his body gets a lot of votes from the younger ladies. I did wonder if there were no men living in the building though. Weren’t many around!

ImageMeanwhile, Brad hits on Riley in the bar where Ben works and of course she tells Bonnie. Bon Bon flips out when her BS meter hits the roof. Brad says he’s got a twin brother called Tad, and that he must have been the one who hit on Riley.  Bonnie makes Brad set up a meeting with both of the twins to get to the bottom of her little conundrum.

Danny develops his technique when it comes to winning votes, to the point where Tucker starts calling him Ab Lincoln. If in doubt, good old Danny just whips off his shirt and that usually gets the job done. He hits a brick wall when he has to get the vote of an 80 year old woman and he realises he’s got to adapt the strategy. He gives the old lady a hug after being a bull in a china shop and ruining the place, and she dies in his arms.

ImageIt looks like Brad’s strategy is to run in and out of the restaurant (sometimes with glasses on) to convince the girls that there’s two of them. Bonnie’s not buying it, and I was dying when she kept tallying up the scores for who’d been in more out of Brad and Tad.

ImageTurns out he wasn’t lying, because after the girls leave, Riley has to go back for her bag and sees both of the twins together. Needless to say Bonnie’s not happy that she dumped Brad for no reason.

ImageThe boys set up a camera in the laundry room and catch Sandra stealing the detergent. She’s been thieving all along and they use it to leverage the presidency off of her. Classically, when Danny finds out how much works it actually is, they give it straight back to her, but all is not lost. She has drinks with them on the roof, for as long as they can stand to be around her.

I kinda hope she stays around. They’ve needed a new character or two, and after Angela came and went, it would be good to have someone like Sandra around. Granted, probably in small doses because she’s quite annoying, but funny nonetheless. The guys clearly can’t handle any responsibility (apart from looking after Emma), so it’s probably a good thing they didn’t get hold of the presidency!

The Ninja

Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 4 – Bonnie’s Unreal Estate Review

ImageBonnie’s got a new job this week. She’s working for the real estate company where her boyfriend, Brad, is a realtor. She gets given a listing, and of course Ben was going to mess it up for her. She trusted him to set up the open house, and instead of doing just that, he hooks up a candle, and sets the whole place a blaze.

ImageLucy Hale joins the guys this week, under the name Piper. She’s the daughter of ‘the reverend,’ someone that Riley’s company is representing in court. Riley gets entrusted with Piper, who at first seems like she won’t be too much hassle. She quickly drops the choir girl act, and starts to party, getting Tucker and Danny into a drunken state.

ImageBonnie’s Unreal Estate was all about standing up for one another, and for yourself. Ben feels terrible, and after learning that his mom is soon to get cut from her job he steps in and helps out. She gets a second listing from hell, and no one wants to buy it. Riley eventually loses her cool with Piper, and at the same time Bonnie and Riley stand up for themselves. Bonnie keeps her job, and Riley puts Piper solidly in her place.

ImagePiper sleeps over in Danny’s room (watch out for Ezra, Danny. He’ll be watching!), which doesn’t go over that well with Riley. At least Rigantor is noticing when people are lying to her. Bonnie eventually get’s the flat sold, to a pair of deaf nuns, who aren’t going to be bothered by that church bell ringing every two minutes. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


The Ninja



– “Hot properties, from a hot property.” Bonnie (of course)

– “You’re such a little liar.” Ben to Lucy Hale, LOLZ

Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 3 – Lights! Camera! No Action! Review

ImageIt seems like the theme across a few shows this week was all about breakups and how we deal with them, but for now, let’s focus on Baby Daddy.

Lights! Camera! No Action! was an episode where not a lot actually happened, but we learned a few things about the characters. I’m pretty sure we’d never found out what Tucker’s job was before. I always thought that he just hung around the house, and was the jokes on tap guy. Turns out he’s not really a bum, and works behind the scenes on a tv show. (Anyone else still singing the Mary theme?)

ImageWe also learn how Riley’s feeling right now.

ImageWe’ve only ever seen her obsession with Ben control her love life, so it was interesting to see her stay strong. Ben tries to fix things with Riley, but when he turns up, Fitch is there. Ben does what any rational person would do, and blows up, assuming Riley and Fitch had hooked up.

ImageDanny’s not taking the news too well, either….

ImageIt’s safe to say that even though there were a few laughs, there were more serious issues for the gang to deal with. Bringing Fitch back was a bit of an odd choice, but it served it’s purpose, because as I said last week, something was coming down the road to derail them.

The funniest moments came (surprise, surprise) from Bonnie. Her mock interview of Danny was down right hilarious, and put her and Tucker together to make a theme song, and you’ll at least have one capable of making people laugh.

At least this way they hit the reset button, and even though things may be a little awkward for a while, Ben and Riley will eventually get back to being friends. I’ve said it all along, Ben’s got Emma, let Danny have Riley.


The Ninja

Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 17 – The Naked Truth Review

ImageBen and the gang came back from hiatus last night, and gave us an episode that very much set up where the rest of the season is going, but before we get there, let’s have a little look at where we we’re in December. Ben finally got the courage to tell Riley how he feels, and she reciprocated. Danny got dumped and Tucker, well, he’s just plain old Tucker.

Ben’s ex Angela is still hanging around, and as well as faking spending time with Emma, it’s clear she’s got a plan to get between Ben and Riley. Tucker tells Ben that all him and Riley need is “to get past Naked.” Riley doesn’t think it’s a terrible idea, but her timing could have been better…

ImageDanny’s still not over his ex, and Tucker decides to take him out, where he crashes and burns terribly for a while. Ben gets a hotel room and sets up a trail for Riley to follow, and of course the whole gang gets in on it (because how likely is it that Danny and Tucker will just happen to be on the same floor, of the same hotel).

I still like this show a lot, but there’s something that’s not quite right. Ben’s always messing things up, and I think it’s a better fit if the Rigantor hooks up with Danny (C’mon, it’s gunna happen). Tucker’s been toned down A LOT this season, and it works for him, he’s still got enough of his Tuckster mentalness, just much less stupid.


Emma’s still as cute as ever, and I think they need to make her the focus of things again. The show was so much better when it was about these three guys who could barely look after themselves step up and become a three way tag-team of parenting, and when Bonnie was on the screen a bit more. She’s hilarious. Put her back in, coach.


Sorry for the slow posting today, it’s been a busy one,

The Ninja


– Is Angela going to be a regular character?

– Will Ben and Riley ever get together?

– More Bonnie!