Hannibal – Season 2 Episode 2 – Sakizuki Review

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The one question of everybody’s lips in Sakizuki is how does the killer choose his victims? We see one of the victims manage to tear himself (literally) free of his bindings and make a run for it. He almost makes it away safely, until he comes to the edge of the cliff and jumps. At least we know how they’re ending up in the water. Will’s still struggling to wrap his head around whats going on from the (lack of) comfort of his cell. Thanks for the shortened intro sequence!


Hannibal’s therapist has had enough of him and cancels their appointments going forward. She can’t help him further and is clearly terrified of him now she suspects he might be a killer. She even called him ‘dangerous.’ They still think the killer’s dumping the discards, but he’s not chucking the ones he doesn’t want away. Katz pays will a visit, something she’s chastised for by Crawford, and Hannibal resumes Will’s therapy. Continue reading


Grimm – Season 3 Episode 15 – Once We Were Gods Review

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Bit of a historical episode on the Wesen front this week, with the guys taking on what can only be described as an Anubis like Wesen. Nick and Hank go to visit Wu at the hospital. He’s still struggling to deal with the ramifications of what happened in the last episode, but he’s on the road to recovery.

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The Neighbors – Season 2 Episode 19 – Uncle Benjamin Review

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Everybody is going on vacation. Destination? California!!!!!

The Weaver’s are off to visit Debbie’s mum. She’s not to keen to go visit, so decides it’s best to bring as many people as possible. She invites her neighbours to join in, and off they went on a well-deserved holiday. Continue reading

Helix – Season 1 Episode 11 – Black Rain Review

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Turns out Sarah isn’t dead, and Peter’s visits around the facility are not at random. The Peter Army is assembling and there is nothing anyone can do to stop them! With Ilaria coming from the outside, and the inside full of infected people, it’s time to make a decision about how to proceed. Continue reading

The Neighbors – Season 2 Episode 18 – A Night In (Lou Ferrigno’s Hibachi) Heaven Review

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When you’re stuck in a marital rut, the only way to crawl out of it is by going out and re-kindling the romance. That’s exactly what was going on inside Debbie and Marty Weaver’s mind, unfortunately their ideas were not in sync.  Continue reading

The Neighbors – Season 2 Episode 17 – Balle, Balle Review

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Now that Larry and Jackie have jobs, they are official members of human society. This time, they get invited to an indian wedding. Unlike their very popular neighbors, Debbie and Marty are struggling because their children find them boring. The combination of events led to a very surprising ending. Continue reading

Helix – Season 1 Episode 10 – Fushigi Review

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Say what?!

Another day goes by in the facility, and so do the trouble and the secrets. After Jules got slammed with the hard truth, it’s hard for her to cope with her own existence. Hatake, being a normal father has been documenting all of his daughter’s accomplishments (awards, etc) but everyone sees it as harassment.  Continue reading

Grimm – Season 3 Episode 14 – Mommy Dearest Review

ImageApart from the standard Royal Family conspiracies, and Adalind’s pregnancy we had an episode (finally) that centered on Sergeant Wu. All of the other main characters have had their own issues to face, and their own story arcs so it was about time that Wu got a little more screen time. In the same way that Hank had to be brought in on the otherside of the Grimm world, the question right now is, do they bring Wu in on it aswell? Continue reading

Hannibal – Season 2 Episode 1 – Kaiseki Review


Hannibal’s back! It’s been a long wait, but one of the best shows on TV right now is here for another season! We started Kaiseki, and the season with a crazy scene. Jack and Hannibal were fighting, literally trying to take each other down. We ended the opening scene with Crawford bleeding out from the neck, before jumping twelve weeks back. I can only assume that this is where we’ll get to at the end of the season, I just don’t know why they wanted to give this away now?

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Grimm – Season 3 Episode 13 – Revelation Review

ImageAfter an entire month off, I was really itching for some Grimm. We were left with the cliffhanger that Monroe’s parents were in town, and if they were unhappy that Monroe wants to marry a Fuschbau they were downright pissed when Nick the Grimm showed up.

ImageSo, Revelation opened with the same scene, and we had Monroe’s folks charging at Nick. It never gets annoying, no matter how many times we see Wesen freak out, just to learn that Nick ain’t like all the other Grimm’s out there. After they leave, Monroe is pissed at Nick because he’s feeling a little used, and Nick leaves too. Monroe goes to see them the next day to say goodbye, and let them know how disappointed he is that they can’t be happy for him. Monroe’s mother won’t leave, she wants to fix things with Monrosalee (lol) but his father has different ideas and storms out the door.

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