Modern Family – Season 6 Episode 4 – Marco Polo Review

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This was a week from hell for all the family. Phil and Claire take the children to a hotel for a few days after they discover mold in their house. That room was more a war trench than a bedroom, but they survived.

Claire had a Plan B, which was to secretly rent another room. She did, and it only took Phil a couple of days to realise what she’d been up to. She had all the comforts and space, while the rest of her family was suffering in a crowded room.  Eventually the kids discover the truth, and decide to go to Claire’s room and leave Phil alone. He ended up mingling with other guests, particularly a Nigerian family who ended up staying at their home once the mold was treated. The kids felt guilty and realised that Phil does all those crazy things because he’s a big kid he truly loves spending time with his children. Aww.. them feels!

Cam is still the football coach at Manny’s school and is preparing for a big match. Mitchell has never been into sports, but as a sign of support, he decides to attend the match. It turns out that he could be Cam’s bad luck charm and some things are better left alone. At least he tried.

The saddest part of this episode was Manny’s first heartbreak. He had started seeing a girl, a senior, and this had Jay and Gloria on edge. It turned out the girl was caught kissing her ex boyfriend, etc, etc..

Jay saw the whole thing, but decided to leave it up to Manny to make the right choice. He did give him a really nice speech, though. The poor kid was truly heartbroken, but these things happen, and he will be back to drinking his espressos in no time. Jay’s always been a dad to him, but it’s these moments where you see that Jay is an expert in the soft approach. Good on you Jay!

A very emotional episode. It is good to see the children growing and changing, experiencing new things. The best part is watching the adults experience the same things along the way.



Modern Family – Season 6 Episode 3 – The Cold Review

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Oh, the good old family cold.. You know, the one that passes like Chinese whispers, person to person. In the end, everyone is weak, ill, and the cold is just laughing as she’s packing to leave like Mary Poppins.

That cold attacked every member of the Pritchett/Dunphee clan. It was hilarious to see them, one by one, telling the camera their horrible story. Everyone got sick apart from one person, Claire. Now she is SUPER SICK, but being Claire she decides to keep working. The perks of trying to impress dad I suppose..

Meanwhile, her husband Phil has a horrible secret to keep. Him and Luke are trying to re-edit the wedding video from Cam and Mitchell’s reception. The reason? He is patient zero!! It was a cruel reality to accept, more so when you have to watch yourself on camera sneezing into a glass of champagne. Since everybody was gathering that evening to watch the video, he just couldn’t leave it alone.

Manny is trying to play football, and with Cam being the coach, Gloria is expecting results. The poor kid never wants to disappoint his mother, and Cam didn’t have the heart to tell him or Gloria that he actually didn’t have the skills (aka he sucked big time). However, Manny knew it and he was happy to not play football anymore. He was just under a lot of pressure trying to be ‘mum’s perfect boy’. Aw.

Lily is also Mitchell’s perfect girl. That is until her new friend comes over and he realises that girl is a bloody genius. Oh well, she doesn’t have Lily’s charisma, so whatever.

Mitchell did call the little girl a know it all, and you know what? I’m glad because she was annoying! If at 7 years old you have the maturity to understand you’re being annoying, then deal with it kiddo!

Haley is still avoiding Andy. When she finally gathers the courage to talk to him, they kissed… Damn, that boy can keep his cool like a cucumber! Basically Haley has found her other half, and doesn’t really know how to handle someone who is not just falling for her, like every other guy has ever done.

After multiple editing attempts, Phil just gives up. At the gathering, he plays the original video and guess what? No one noticed he was patient zero because everyone was busy looking at themselves! Vindicated! He agrees to mock up a new version of the wedding video and take out all the embarrassing parts. He spent the entire episode stressing when everyone else had their own things they weren’t happy about. At least he got away with it…*high five*

Modern Family – Season 6 Episode 2 – Do Not Push Review

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This week Jay and Gloria are celebrating their anniversary, and therefore they’ve both got gifts for each other. Knowing Gloria, one would expect for Jay to spend some cash and buy her some bling. This time it was different. He recently took a pottery class, and so he made her a bunny. He called her bunny on their first date, and the rest is history.. Unfortunately this bunny doesn’t have a diamond inside, so when Gloria smashed it without realising that Jay’d made it by hand! He was worried she was going to hate the present, but hey, in the end they both agreed that they’re materialistic bastards, and exchanged expensive gifts instead. Good for them!

Cam and Mitchell are being an absolute pain after trying to take the perfect family portrait of them with Lily. Those two can be as opposite as anything, but one thing’s for sure; they are perfectionists. So due to Lily’s poor posing and smiling skills, the photo day becomes a nightmare, until as usual, they agree that families are not perfect and neither should be their portrait. Aww.

Last but not least, the freakin’ Dunphees. Alex takes a college tour with her family. Claire, obviously pressured Alex into going to see the school because it’s close to home and Claire wants to have her cake and eat it. So last week the family was happy she was gone but now they want her to live in California? Girl, run away!!! Alex cracks and has to tell her mom flat out that she wants to go to a college far away to get space from the rest of them. Ouch. Real cold!

Phil, Luke and Haley lost most of their time in a waiting room thinking they were part of a psychology test. It wasn’t great, but at least they bonded over their lack of skills!

Modern Family – Season 6 Episode 1 – The Long Honeymoon Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 13.05.11Another favourite has made it back for a brand-new season and it was a bit underwhelming. Perhaps it has come to that point where the viewers are more attached to the characters than to the jokes, but,  in all honesty, I can’t remember the last time Modern Family made me laugh to death. Considering there is such a big cast, it’s always very repetitive and at times, not even Phil’s jokes can save the day.

This episode brought good things to some of the Pritchett’s but others were not so lucky. Cam and Mitchell are still living the honeymoon period. At least Cam is, but with his very loud ways he is making sure him and Mitchell re-live the romance again, and again. Mitchell hates it.. until he doesn’t, and they agree and make up. (Always the same with these two).

Claire and Phil are having the time of their lives with their children this summer. All of them except for Alex, who went away with class and now is stuck back at home after hating camping. After a long time of peace, the house loses its balance and harmony again. Poor Alex she always gets the short end of the stick, and has to fix her family’s problems. She might not bring balance, but she is the personification of common sense. She basically saves her family episode after episode from being stupid…

Gloria has a go at Jay because of his appearance. She thinks he should make more of an effort, and of course, Jay overreacts. Well Jay, after 6 seasons you should know that a latina woman will always over do it!

So Gloria goes and makes herself ugly for a day, just to prove the freakin’ point.

Again, a cycle that repeats itself every episode. I don’t mind it, I just wish there were more jokes – like in the good old days..

Bring it on!

Modern Family – Season 5 Episode 17 – Other People’s Children Review

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As usual, the Pritchett/Dunphys were all split up in different pairings for Other People’s Children. Jay cooks a big brunch for everyone, and they all bail on him to do different things. He’s reduced to asking Andy to stay and watch Basketball with him, obviously forgetting that Phil said he’d stick around and watch the game. Later in the episode he has some bonding time with Luke, and they do some shop work. Jay’s glad for it, too, because he knows that he’ll probably be too old when Jo gets to a similar age, so he’s happy to do it now. Continue reading

Modern Family – Season 5 Episode 15 – The Feud Review

ImageThere was a lot going on this week. Little pockets of characters peeled off and did their own thing in The Feud. Phil’s up for reelection, Claire has an important meeting, Luke’s got a wrestling match, Gloria and Manny take a school trip to the museum, Cam deals with Lily and Hayley and Alex deal with a situation at home. Jay floats around, deals with his nemesis and decides to go to Luke’s match to show some grandfatherly support.

Continue reading

Modern Family – Season 5 Episode 14 – I-Spy Review

ImageWow, someone call the parenting police, cause it’s getting all kinds of ugly in I-Spy. Claire’s trying to figure out what Hayley is keeping to herself, Luke’s new friend Xander is a ‘bad influence’ (come on, we’ve all had that friend) and Phil and Claire just can’t help themselves. Alex gets roped into finding out what Hayley is hiding, while they go in search of Luke and Manny (after a gps locates their phones). Claire’s worried they’re getting high (it’s as if she’s never met Manny before), so they send out the real estate drone to have a look.


Meanwhile, Jay gets in trouble for having a sex dream, and Mitchell has to keep something of his own from Cam (because, “He’s a huge blabbermouth”). Turns out Jay’s dream was actually about Stella, the dog (not as weird as it sounds), but he manages to get away with it in the end. There was just no way Mitch was going to keep their friends’ calf implants away from Cam, was there? Cam loves a good gossip.

ImageI-Spy was all about family, and how little boundaries they have. Everyone is reading each others’ phones, texts and emails, and just generally getting up in each others business. Alex tells everyone that Hayley’s got a photography exhibition, and when they find out she was one of only five people selected, they just put her down (Give Hayley some credit, guys!). The don’t respect her boundaries and the ENTIRE family shows up at the exhibition.

ImageNewsflash for ya, there are no boundaries when it comes to family. Remember your mum listening on the phone in the kitchen when you were on it? Parents going in to your room to get the scoop from your diary? (If you forgot, just watch this weeks episode of the Goldbergs.)


The Ninja



Modern Family – Season 5 Episode 13 – Three Dinners Review

One of the big themes this week was change, and how it affects the characters. Cam and Mitchell go out for a long overdue night out, Jay gets some bad news about his friend Shorty, and Phil and Claire take Hayley out to interrogate talk about what her plans are for the future. It was a classic parents ganging up on you type scene, and it played out so well. We really need to start giving Hayley more credit, too!

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 21.49.56

Instead of having a normal chat, they try to pour some booze down her and see where they can get. Again, like they’ve done a few times already this season we see that Hayley is actually pretty smart. I wish we’d had more of these scenes earlier on, because it’s made us admire her so much more. We always look at her as the ditzy one, but she’s much more than that. She drops her plan of the parents, and even they’re surprised with how much thought she’s given it. Kudos and points to Hayley! It’s not easy to get one over on your parents, so, good on ‘ya girl!

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 21.54.29

Cam and Mitchell end up encroaching on an engagement, and as they always do, they get way too involved. It was awkward as hell, and of course we all knew that as soon as Cam offered to film the whole thing it was going to go tits up.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 22.19.43 Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 22.20.09

She says no, and it ended up being probably the funniest moment of the show. I’m always impressed with these two, and they continue to keep up one of the best relationships on TV. Whenever they’re on, there’s always full of laughs.

Jay struggles to handle the change in his life now that Shorty is going to move away. He’s his best mate, and it’s almost too much for Jay to deal with. Costa Rica ain’t that far Jay! Could be moving to Australia. Gloria has a go at him, and sorts everything out. How can you not love Jay, especially when he turns into a blubbering old geezer.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 21.54.08

The best thing about this show is that it has the perfect mix of comedy and emotion, and we see that with Jay and Shorty this week. There was this touching moment when Jay told us that Mitchell’s middle name is taken from Shorty’s name. Vincent.

I’ve been complaining a lot recently about how there’s not enough Lily, because she genuinely cracks me up, but this week we missed Luke as well. I mean, I keep saying that the comedy is in the kids for a reason. Luke’s dumbass ideas (that Phil always goes along with) and Lily’s ridiculous one liners really add to the comedy factor of the show, so bring ’em back, mmk!

Take it easy,

The Ninja

Modern Family – Season 5 Episode 12 – Under Pressure Review


Under Pressure is very much an episode about role reversals and is a bit of a time-warp episode. The adult members of the group (minus Mitchell) go to the school’s open day, where they get to spend a day learning about the schooling of their kids, what goes down in each class etc. Manny’s got a desire to be in the model UN, and as only one student will get chosen Gloria decides to try and sweet talk the teacher. She’s not the only one who’s got that idea..


We also see Alex’s sweet 16, an event she’s keen to get on with and wants as little fuss as possible. She eventually has a melt down, and loses it. The next day she tells her parents she’s checking into therapy, and that’s that. She’s afraid of having another meltdown and worries that the rest of her family don’t get her.

ImageMitchell tries to get to know his neighbour (the environmentalist) but in the meantime ends up destroying the guys’ garden.

ImageIt was really fun to see all the parents back in school. You can tell it’s been a while, and they may have forgotten the rules a little bit.

ImageThis moment was just hilarious, and even though the item in question was a flask filled with booze, we’ve all been caught passing notes around class, so it really hit home. I couldn’t stop laughing, especially when Jay turned on Phil because of it. Classic!

I really want to see more of Lily. She comes out with so many hilarious comments, that I don’t see why she’s left out of things. Right at the end of the show, she drops a classic line that had me in stitches. I feel like ever since Hayley came back from college the show has focused more on the adults and what’s going on with them. While we need more of that, the kids are where the comedy gold is at in this (You can go ahead and include Phil in that, cause he’s the biggest kid of them all).


Another decent episode from the Family. Let’s see where they take us next.

The Ninja


– More Lily!!!!

– Is Joe’s nanny on holiday or something?

Modern Family – Season 5 Episode 11 – And One to Grow On Review

We all know how Modern Family works by now. Pair up the characters, let them deal with whatever’s happening and bring everyone together at the end for some feel good time. This week was no different.

And One to Grow On sees Phil take Luke to dance lessons (by bribing him with ‘autopsy camp’), Alex wanting to practice her driving (something that Claire is paying Hayley to deal with), Mitch and Cameron lose their wedding venue to a pair of sweet-sixteeners, while Jay tries to teach Manny a lesson about girls.


While Phil is out driving Luke home from dance class, he is pulled over and arrested, obviously for something Hayley did. This leaves him in custody and sets in motion one of the best comedy moments of this season. In the earlier seasons these moments came in bunches every single episode, something that helped shoot the show to the top of the charts, and helping it pick up 18 Emmys and a Golden Globe along the way.

Claire has to run around the house trying to decipher Phil’s code for where he’s hidden the secret stash of money in the house. This was hilarious, and really made me feel like I was back in Season 2 reliving Phil’s greatest hits.



And One to Grow On was also the first birthday of Joe/Fulgencio, which he shares with his brother Manny. Gloria spent most of her time panicking about the two of them having a party together, until Jay made the valid point that Joe is only one and wouldn’t know any different. The new nanny, who we’ll come to in a minute, asked if Jay was sure to which he responded with a classic Jay line: “He’s one. I’ve watched him pee onto his own face and smile, so, he’s good.” I was in tears.

Jay and Gloria’s nanny is now settling into his role nicely. At first, he was a little too much. His rants about parenting, and the way it should be done not only were annoying, but went against a fundamental rule of Modern Family. The three separate parts of the Pritchett/Dunfy all have a different way of parenting, and we see this through from all three points of view, giving a rounded view that there is no one size fits all rule. Thankfully, the writers have reigned him in, given him less screen time and toned his character down when he is there, which has successfully made him a great addition to the team.


The thing I’ve always admired about this show comes into play towards the end of the episode. Even though everyone spend the first fifteen minutes dealing with their own issues, they all came together at the end. This not only gives you endless room for comedy, but the chance to have some kind, heartfelt family moments that the show does so well. At the end of this week, Manny was waiting for a girl to come over so that he could give her a coat back, that she’d left at his party. As the whole family was there, they waged in with their ideas on love, and how they all took time to grow on their respective partners.

We we’re left with Manny telling Phil that if he had waited six months for Claire, he was prepared to do just that, and Joe dropping out his first word; “Jay.” Just a glimpse of some of those squishy moments.

Have a good one,

The Ninja


– How old is Luke now!

– “Foot-loser.”

– Anyone else finding Lily’s crush on Manny way creepy?