The Big Bang Theory – Season 8 Episode 2 – The Junior Professor Solution Review

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In this second episode of the season premiere, Sheldon is offered a new job within the university. He can study dark matter, but the only condition is that he teaches a class. He reluctantly accepts, but for better or worse, no one signs up. His reputation as a ‘difficult character’ has spread widely around campus and truth is he doesn’t really seem to care that much, either.

His friends however, do care a lot. Howard offers to sign up for Sheldon’s class. Sheldon takes this as an opportunity to ridicule his friend in every possible intellectual way. Although Sheldon is extremely smart, Howard is not ready to give up the fight so easily, so if Sheldon was not ready to take teaching seriously, neither was Howie when it came to studying. Bad teacher vs Bad student was about to start..

Unfortunately for Howard, he got reported to HR by none other than his dear friend/teacher Sheldon… Bold move huh?

On the girl’s side, Penny and Bernie are having some issues. Since Bernadette helped Penny find the new job, she’s feeling entitled to make sure she doesn’t screw it up. Penny is sick of all the patronising,  and she decides to bitch about it with Amy. Clever as she is, Amy uses her friends argument to strengthen her own friendship with both of them. Eventually the girls fix their problems and Amy is no longer the ‘popular one’. Cue a sad Dr Farrah-Fowler.

The best part of the episode was how the guys started to answer random science questions and received chocolate bars in exchange. Although, the Creme Egg takes the biscuit.. or the creme…

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Being Human (US) – Season 4 Episode 10 – Oh Don’t You Die For Me Review

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Sally is back in her original timeline, therefore she needs to start fixing things, and fast.

First she talks to Josh, trying to convince him to fix things with Nora. He knows Nora is really scared of him, and so he’d rather let it be. It’s funny because Josh is supposed to be a strong werewolf, however, his personality is that of a little wolf.

The wolf problems don’t end there for poor Josh. He tries to go back to the pack, and now they all know he can turn at will, they all want a piece of it. Technically, they put him in a cage and expected for him to turn all these humans. Obviously he refused, and in the end it was Sally who helped him get out of there. Those wolves were always bad news, and if anything, their ideas about survival are freakin’ twisted. Continue reading

Teen Wolf – Season 3 Episode 23 – Insatiable Review

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Well wasn’t this all very unexpected?! NO IT WASN’T. Long gone are the days where spoilers wouldn’t be everywhere, but that’s not why this ending was predictable. Through the whole season there has been a consistent element that never changed: Allison’s character had clearly been pushed aside.

This episode of Teen Wolf said goodbye to Allison with no regrets. She had served her purpose I suppose, and whether actors decide to leave a show or not, the writers should do better than just rush things like these.  Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother – Season 9 Episode 21 – Gary Blauman Review

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We’re almost there now! Only a couple more episodes to go until he meets his future wife properly. We started Gary Blauman with a flash forward to Ted and whateverhernameis’ first date. Why do they keep giving us flashes of them together when they could have already introduced her a season ago and had a slow build into them getting to know each other? Anyway… Continue reading

Being Human US – Season 4 Episode 9 – Too Far, Fast Forward! Review

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Poor Sally. Even in different timelines, she always dies. Now she’s dead again and Aidan is truly devastated. I mean, they were in love and it was just intense. So Sally has to explain that she doesn’t get a door, etc..

After the incident Sally is still stuck in that timeline, and in order to return she needs to find the one and only Donna. It’s always fun to have her come and go, but this time it seemed like a bit much. Donna was supposed to be gone already, so bringing her back is just going around in circles with the plot. Continue reading

Teen Wolf – Season 3 Episode 22 – De-Void Review

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Within chaos there is always a tiny bit of hope. However, when the team is divided and fighting each other for survival, it becomes a bit easier for the bad guy to strike. That’s exactly what went down on Teen Wolf, where what started out as team work ended up complicating it all.

Stiles was already in the hands of his dad, but when things started to get messy and Chris Argent threatened to strike, Stiles vanished again. This time, to go talk to Kira’s mum and after stab himself on purpose, obviously for a bigger plan ahead. After hundred of bugs/fireflies came out of his wound, it was clear that trouble was hitting Beacon Hills again. Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother – Season 9 Episode 20 – Daisy Review

ImageIt seems like they’re running out of ideas on HIMYM right now. I’ve been whining about the slowest build up to an event in history, but it’s not going to get any better because we’re still waiting.

ImageAfter Lily bailed on the Farhampton Inn, she’s seen getting in a car at 3am. It was the Captain’s car, and thus starts the mystery of the week. The guys all go off to the Captain’s house to try figure out where she went. Ever since that night Lily’s been acting a little different and Marshall wants to know why. Continue reading

Teen Wolf – Season 3 Episode 21 – The Fox And The Wolf Review

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As the episode mentions, this is all about the fox and the wolf. Finally after not knowing much about Kira, her mum gave us the WHOOOOLE background. And boy was it exciting! It’s not uncommon for viewers to get discouraged after an episode of too many flashbacks, however this was much needed! Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother – Season 9 Episode 19 – Vesuvius Review


ImageIs anyone else still watching HIMYM? There’s only two more episodes to go, and I’ve stuck with it this long so I guess I at least owe it to myself to finish watching the show. Again, we opened with more of Ted and his soon to be wife. I’m still not really sure the function of these flashes into the future are, and surely it would have been better to actually spend more time on how they MET, seeing as it is How I MET Your Mother.

ImageTurns out there’s one story she hasn’t heard, and that’s the one where Robin broke a lamp at The Farhampton Inn. Guess that’s all they could come up with at this stage of things (rolls eyes). Ted sees Barney sneak into room no.9 and worries he’s up to his old tricks and womanising, when actually he’s hiding all of his suits in there because he can’t decide which one to wear.

ImageThe rest of the gang are watching The Wedding Bride 2, a movie based on some of out favourite characters. There’s a good reason Ted isn’t watching, namely the lead character Jed Mosley. Turns out Jed works with Narshall, and there’s a Swarley in there, too. Sigh.


It was really an episode about things coming to an end. Ted finds out that everyone already knows he’s moving to Chicago, and when it gets brought up they all realise that it might be a long time until they’re all together again. Robin’s mum shows up, so we’ve now met the entire family, even if her mum and sister turned up for the last five minutes of things.


Thought I’d be more upset that things were ending,


The Ninja