New Girl – Season 3 Episode 19 – Fired Up Review

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The dynamic of the show is changing once again. Now Coach is the PE teacher at the same school where Jess works. In the meantime, Nick and Winston are helping Schmidt to move all of his stuff to storage. Continue reading


Ninja News – FOX Renewals

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Fox has announced some more renewals. We’ve already been given the news that Sleepy Hollow will return for a second season, and that Bones will be back for its tenth installment, but they’ve now given us a list of some more. Here goes:


-The Mindy Project

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine

-New Girl

-The Following


Seems like New Girl did enough to save itself and get back in the network’s good books. Not so sure about The Following, but I guess the fans love their Bacon.


The Ninja



-Did your show get renewed?

-Do you still care about New Girl

New Girl – Season 3 Episode 16 – Sister Review


We got to see a little of everyone in Sister, even though the main focus of the episode was Jess having to deal with her sister, Abby. Jess’ mom calls to say her sister’s been arrested and is in jail in San Diego, leaving Jess to deal with the fallout. It’s clear they’re pretty different, and I just wondered why it took almost three whole seasons to meet Abby. Continue reading

New Girl – Season 3 Episode 15 – Exes Review


ImageThe battle of the exes begins at the Farmers Market. Jess and Nick see Caroline, Nick’s ex girlfriend. Naturally, Jess always getting involved tells Nick to arrange a meeting with Caroline so he can say all he needs to say and stop acting so awkwardly. In reality, Jess loves to go to the market, so she wants no weird mojo around.

At the same time, Jess is always texting with one of her exes from a long time ago (guest starring Adam Brody). The boys insist and tell Jess that being friends with an ex only means ‘possible sex’, with even Coach saying ‘can’t spell sex without the ex’. It was his only good line. 

Sadly, Nick being the massive coward he is, forgets to mention to Caroline that he is now dating Jess, so when she sees them together the woman just freaked like it was Studio 54. Jess gets upset so she calls her ex (how unexpected) and what started as a ‘therapy chat’ turned into full on flirting from him. Jess was having none of it, but it was hard for her to say much since Nick was around and Caroline was acting like a psycho banging on the door. Eventually once she entered the premises, Nick told her the truth, that he never cheated but he did fall in love with Jess since she first walked through the door. Awwwwwwwww.


Schmidt is living a lonely life in his super awesome apartment. As usual, he gets way more than what he asked for. He decides to invite Winston and Coach around and gives them a set of keys. After his dry-spell ( who knew?), Schmidt finally manages to pull a girl at a bar. By the time he gets home, Coach is in his apartment pretending to be Schmidt and seducing a girl, while Winston was already getting busy in the guest room. 


Bad move guys! However, Schmidt who seemed desperate for some good old fun, decides that it’s best to continue with the plan. Unfortunately the ladies didn’t buy it and they all ended up alone. At least they had that table-beer fridge.




Coach is annoying. Fix it!

Why is Cece not around more often?

Why bring back the exes? It’s part of every relationship but it was a bit too in our faces.

The Ninja’s Assistant

New Girl – Season 3 Episode 14 – Prince Review

ImageThis episode was like finishing a good workout at the gym. It filled the viewers with exciting moments from every angle, as if trying to make up for past mistakes.

Jess and Cece get invited randomly to a Prince party after almost being run over by one of his peers. What are the chances?! And yes this is Prince the singer, performer and 80s legend!


As the girls get ready for the party, it’s the men who have to tell Schmidt that only the girls were invited. He gets upset, understandably after buying a two-thousand-dollar suit. So, standard Schmidt he isn’t giving up that easily and is determined to go to the party too. 

When the girls jump in the limo, Nick says ‘i love you’ to Jess before they go off, and Jess being her just gives him the finger guns. Bless, as if she wasn’t a nervous wreck already! So, the girls go off to the party and the guys decide to get dressed and go too! 

The party was a great moment for the show, it gave us guest appearances by not only Prince but some supermodels too, and we got to see a Cece and Schmidt moment. We don’t get those too often now, so it was cool to see that there is still hope in the horizon. Also, Winston was a bit more part of the group. Ever since Coach is back, they haven’t really known what to do with so many men, but this episode redeemed it all.


Jess and Nick meet Prince, and later she spends some quality time with him. She got a dress and some advice from the legend, so in the end in true Jess style, she shouts that she loves Nick Back. *heavenly lights and a choir lolz*


In the end, Nick, Jess and the rest of the gang jump on stage and jam with Prince himself. Damn!


Really funny, really good. Considering it has been a bit meeeh lately, this episode was fresh and fun.


‘Prince is magic’ 

The fire and ice thing was hilarious, tears and all!

Nick’s tactic about Trojan Horsing to sneak to the party was a great technique! Take note!

The Ninja’s Assistant

New Girl – Season 3 Episode 13 – Birthday Review

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This week Jess learns a few things about Birthdays. She sets out, like every year with the lowest of expectations for her big day and books her typical cinema ticket for one. Nick tries to do the right thing as the new boyfriend and lay things on to keep her happy. What he learns is that the best laid plans can always go tits up, especially when he arranges nothing and tries to spend the day in bed with Jess.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 13.34.12

Really, though, because the guys love her, they’ve set up a surprise party and are just trying to keep her distracted so they can put it all together. She loses patience with Nick and goes home for a good cry, making it even harder for the other guys to get things done.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 13.34.35

When it all goes wrong, they pull through and not only give her a special present, but they teach her something, too. It’s not all about material things, love!

In the beginning of the episode Cece give Jess a present in a flashback, and she’s disappointed at only getting a jumper. Jess learns that all you need is your friends, and the people you care about to have a good time. All her friends ambush her at the cinema, and throw a party there.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 13.45.30

The show has always been about keeping the main guys close together, and if they continue to do it like this, they’ll be back to full strength soon. They’ve even managed to bring Schmidt back from the abyss, and we’re falling in love with him all over again. Is it me, or was his trick in the bar step one to winning Cece back?

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 13.33.25

Nice one guys,

The Ninja

New Girl – Season 3 Episode 12 – Basketsball Review


Jess is determined to crack Coach this week. Even though the tough guy has been living in the flat for almost two months, Jess feels they need to bond. To achieve this, she suddenly develops a love for basketball, and for Coach’s team. This all infuriates Nick, who is a Chicago Bulls fan.  This starts a ‘sex tap’ war, and neither Nick or Jess give up easily.

It is obvious that Nick balances Jess a lot as a character. However, it is a bit too much sometimes and as resilient and determined as Jess can be, it is exhausting for us viewers.

When Winston asks Schmidt to take him to work and teach him about marketing, Schmidt gets a lot more than he asked for. He has to train Ed, the newbie. An old guy who at first sight looks harmless, but ends up stealing Schmidt’s idea. For once, we see someone very similar to Schmidt, willing to do dirty work to get what they want. In the end, Schmidt won the battle by using technology in his favour.


As always, a happy ending came to be when Coach told Jess he considered her more than just ‘Nick’s girlfriend’ and he was happy they were friends. Schmidt was victorious and poor Winston was left hanging as usual.

The episode was average, and it lacked fun moments. Perhaps it’s time once again for the whole gang to do something together. Travelling, going to a big event, something that makes them take more chances.


What is Winston going to do next?

It would be nice to see more of the school where Jess works. We haven’t seen it in a while and there isn’t much else going on.

The Ninja’s Assistant

New Girl – Season 3 Episode 11 – Clavado en un Bar Review

So, how does Clavado en un Bar try to recover things after a worse than lackluster start to the season?

With Flashbacks, that’s how! (I mean, who doesn’t love (SPOILERS!!) fat-suit Schmidt, and Latvian B-Ball Winston.) They’ve played the game well, too. There’s no doubt in my mind that this was little more than clever planning, and some great writing from the guys behind the scenes to try to recover somewhat of where they’ve left us at. For the first time in almost a year I feel somewhat like I’m watching the old new girl again.

It was a long road to recovery. The decision to bring Schmidt’s ex girlfriend Elizabeth back into the equation not only derailed the great Schmidt-Cece train, but messed with his whole character. It reduced one of the greatest characters on the screen to a shadow of himself, and while I did enjoy getting to meet some of the real Schmidt, it just didn’t work. He became way too unlikeable, and we didn’t respond well.

I have a feeling the reason Clavado en un Bar worked so well is because it dropped most of the main storylines of late, the never ending Schmiddy love triangle and Jess and Nick’s (borderline) annoying relationship, in favour of some good quality time with the gang. The episode we’ve wanted for so long, where we actually get to see more backstory for all the characters is finally here! More than ever, New Girl needed an episode like this, where we could sink our teeth into it and be reminded of happier days.

The writers managed to bring Cece back in a lighthearted way, where we see that she was Jess’ first ever student, something that was a nice touch and build more into their backstory as best friends. The new Cece is even more interesting than she was before, and the whole ageing model/bartender gives her a new twist. I think it’s safe to say that even if Cece and Schmidt don’t get back together soon, the show has missed her general presence.


The message here was clear, people always reinvent themselves based on the opportunities and situations they’re given, but the people they are inside generally stays the same. Even though season three hasn’t lived up to the hype of season two in anyway, the fact that the same bunch of guys are still together (plus the Coach!) means that this new year is full of new potential for the guys on New Girl.

Have a good night,


The Ninja