Ninja News – Supergirl Preview

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The news that the pilot of CBS’s Supergirl has already leaked broke the other day (even though the show doesn’t officially start until November – go figure) and some of the Ninjas are saying only good things. Sure, things will change between now and November, but for now we’re saying that the pilot looks pretty strong.
Keep an eye out for this one guys. We might be drowning in superheroes right now, but there’s still room for good shows. Let’s just see how CBS handles The Woman Of Steel.


Ninja News – Grimm: Below The Surface

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Grimm fans rejoyce! A new book has just hit the shelves, and it’s nothing like what you’re expecting. Although there is already a series of books that follows the adventures of Nick and his friends, this one is a bit more visual and a lighter read.

This book is a definite must-have for anyone who is a fan of the show. Actually, this book would make anyone a fan of the show.

Titan Comics just released ‘Grimm: Below The Surface’, and it’s absolutely wonderful and informative. The book has everything about Grimm. Interviews not only with the cast, but also with the producers and those who work in the make-up and costume departments!

Also, there is an awesome section with description of all the beasts and their traits, with detailed pictures just like those in Nick’s books.

This book is a full behind-the-scenes guide, and it’s an excellent source of all the other things that go on during production that are not on-screen. Other shows should take note and follow this example because sometimes a fan needs more to keep the TV hunger at bay.

So, if Grimm’s your thing, go and have a look, or add it to your birthday wishlist!

The Ninja’s Assistant

Ninja News – FOX Renewals

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Fox has announced some more renewals. We’ve already been given the news that Sleepy Hollow will return for a second season, and that Bones will be back for its tenth installment, but they’ve now given us a list of some more. Here goes:


-The Mindy Project

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine

-New Girl

-The Following


Seems like New Girl did enough to save itself and get back in the network’s good books. Not so sure about The Following, but I guess the fans love their Bacon.


The Ninja



-Did your show get renewed?

-Do you still care about New Girl

Ninja News – CBS Renewals

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Jumping on the back of renewing the Big Bang Theory for three seasons, CBS went ahead and announced the renewals of no less than 18 of their shows. Here’s a list of all the shows that they want to see more of.















Still no word on The Crazy Ones, but don’t hold your breath on that just yet. No word either on Hostages, but I really don’t think that’ll get brought back. Could be wrong, though!


The Ninja



-Are you happy?

-Did you favourite show get renewed?

Ninja News – Lost Girl

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Yei! Good news! Lost girl has been renewed by Showcase for a fifth season. We are still waiting to find out whether Syfy will import it to the USA, as they have done previously. It is a bit up in arms, because nothing has been confirmed.

It’s safe to say that there will be more adventures in the fae world, and Bo will keep getting horny.


Here’s more on the story: Lost Girl renewed for fifth season

Ninja News – Parks and Recreation

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Pawnee better prepare, because a very special guest is coming for a visit. First lady Michelle Obama is due to appear on the final episode of this season of Parks and Rec. Can’t wait to see what Ron and the rest of the gang will do.

Here’s a link with more about the story and her role in tackling Pawnee’s obesity.

Parks and Rec – Michelle Obama

Ninja News – Heroes: Reborn


Hold up a minute. Put the phone down, turn the kettle off and sit down. Heroes is coming back! Well, kind of anyway. Our screens in 2015 will feature some kind of Heroes style refurb, and the network is keeping their cards pretty close to their chest.

Tim Kring will take charge of the project, but there’s no news just yet if any of the original cast will be making an appearance, but let’s just cross our fingers for some Hiro Nakamura action!

Here’s what Jennifer Salke, president of NBC entertainment had to say. “The enormous impact Heroes had on the television landscape when it first launched in 2006 was eye-opening. Shows with that kind of resonance don’t come around often and we thought it was time for another installment.” Agreed!

Who else is looking forward to this?

The Ninja

Ninja News – Supernatural: Tribes

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A little while back the guys over at The CW announced that a Supernatural spin-off was in the works. While we’ve been dealing with that (there’s been some pretty mixed feedback so far) they’ve also come out and said that it will start as a backdoor pilot, coming in episode 20 of Season 9.

Supernatural: Tribes is going to be set in Chicago, and features (you guessed it) a mixture of young people fighting within the different four monster families that exist. A (once again) young (gotta love The CW) police officer tries his best to shut down all supernatural happenings in Chicago, and comes across the four mafia-esque monster families that are running the city’s underworld. Good luck with that!

Nathaniel Buzolic and Lucien Laviscount have both been cast in the show. Let’s hope Buzolic steps up his game, having been essentially written out of both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals already.

Tune in later this season to get a sneak peak and decide for yourself whether Supernatural: Tribes is worth watching. (Ps. No Winchesters!)

The Ninja