Parks and Recreation – Season 6 Episode 17 – Galentine’s Day Review

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Oh, Leslie. Everyone’s favourite nutcase is really going mental in Galentine’s Day. She’s missing Anne Perkins and wants to audition every female she knows for a role as her best friend.

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After trying to bond with Donna and April, Leslie sets up a Galentine’s day brunch, where she gets all the ladies she knows together to kick start the auditioning process. Meanwhile, Andy and Ron go off to work together, and Ben, Tom and Larry go to seal the deal on the tents. Continue reading


Parks And Recreation – Season 6 Episode 16 – New Slogan Review

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The town of Pawnee has a new website! Leslie is using it to encourage all citizens to vote for a new slogan for the town. Although there are already a few options to choose from, Leslie ends up in the ditch when the slogan campaign fails after sabotage from Douche Nation. Continue reading

Parks and Recreation – Season 6 Episode 14 – Anniversaries Review

Picture 149All hail Pawnee the land of hilarious puns and laughs! Anniversaries was a really funny episode with a bit of everything and everyone. It was good to see more of Ron and even Larry got a bit more screen time than usual.

It’s Leslie and Ben’s first wedding anniversary, but this year they agree on a ‘no presents’ policy. Unfortunately, Ben knows that Leslie ALWAYS gets him an incredible present, so this time he’s taking the bull by the horns. He plans a whole day filled with romantic activities for the both of them, but due to Leslie’s busy schedule plans take a turn.  Continue reading

Ninja News – Parks and Recreation

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Pawnee better prepare, because a very special guest is coming for a visit. First lady Michelle Obama is due to appear on the final episode of this season of Parks and Rec. Can’t wait to see what Ron and the rest of the gang will do.

Here’s a link with more about the story and her role in tackling Pawnee’s obesity.

Parks and Rec – Michelle Obama

Parks and Recreation – Season 6 Episode 12 – Ann and Chris Review

ImageIt’s the end of an era on Parks and Rec, because two of the main (and best) characters and leaving Pawnee for the great city of Michigan. Leslie throws a going away party to end all going away parties, which has thirty different stations representing everything from Thanksgiving to Chinese New Year. It’s pretty clear the Knope doesn’t want her bestie Anne Perkins to go.

ImageLeslie wants to fix the issue that first brought her and Ann together, but a few things stand in her way. Again, we were shown that when the Knope wants something, she won’t stop till she get’s it. The no trespassing signs were pretty funny too…

ImageIn a rare soft moment for April, she let it slip to Ann that she loves her. Even when April got married she didn’t show that much emotion, and so it was pretty refreshing to see her take a break from her depressive personality. Ron got into his element too, and was at the grilling station of the party. Where’s classic Ron gone? Maybe they couldn’t give him much screen time in this episode because it was all about Ann and Chris, but I still miss his zingers.

ImageIn a touching moment from the guys, they give Chris one of his buddy boxes back. It’s empty, and the whole idea is that he can build memories with his soon-to-be-born child and put them in there. They want to be a part of Chris and Ann’s kid’s life, and burn their initials into the box. Nice one, guys!

ImageIt’s going to be weird without them, but to be honest I’m surprised Rob Lowe stayed this long. He’s no doubt had loads of offers to act in other roles while he’s been chilling in Pawnee, but I guess that just goes to show how popular Parks and Rec has become. Without the baby drama, let’s hope there’s more time for Tom and Ron to come back out of their shells.


See you soon, Pawnee,


The Ninja



– “You’ve out-Knoped yourself,” (Ann Perkins).

– “You’ve run out of Easter Ham and Thansgiving Turkey. Great party!” (Ron Swanson).

– Will you miss Chris and Ann?

– Will they actually go to Michigan?

Parks and Recreation – Season 6 Episode 12 – Farmers Market Review

ImageThis week was no different, and Leslie Knope wanted to take control. Now that her and Ben are working ‘together’, it seems like a great idea at first but it ends in disaster. The Pawnee Farmers market is now open, and Ben and Leslie disagree on a few things.


All this drama leads to them fighting and Leslie unable to separate work from home. This leaves Ben frustrated and obviously feeling like he isn’t good at anything. Standard Ben. 

Mean Leslie revokes one of the selling permits of a farmer. All of this because of his selling techniques, which involved sexy models dancing around the stall. Sex sells; can’t blame him. Ben disagrees with Leslie and they become more and more infuriated with each other. The solution was creating ‘Farmers Market : After Dark’, a place where adults can shop and also have the sexy entertainment that Pawnee craves.


Craving queen Ann Perkins is in desperate need of someone to talk to since Chris is ever-so-positive constantly. She joins the ‘Whine and Cheese club’, a safe place where you can just go and complain while you eat cheese and drink wine. Eventually she takes over the group’s time to vent so they decide to talk to Chris and tell him that Ann just needs a man to say ‘that sucks’. It worked and they seemed happy.


We got to see a bit more of Ron, which is always fantastic, and April made her hubby into a kid’s musician. He is pretty much the new Barney, except he isn’t purple. It was so cute to see Andy perform for the kids and it was a great idea from whoever came up with it. It filled a bit of the gap left by Lil Sebastian.



Ron’s first experience with an ipod.

‘The nipple people’ lolz

The veggie puns at the market where hilarious. Points to you Leslie

Parks and Recreation – Season 6 Episode 11 – New Beginnings Review

The town of Pawnee has Leslie back from Paris! After her well-deserved holiday/honeymoon, she’s back to the Parks Department. She wants to take her job as Deputy Director back and as we all know, there is no stopping her.

ImageLeslie is back, however, the office has been running fine without her. This seems to freak her out a bit, I mean who wouldn’t be? So, she proceeds to being a bit bossy, and generally wanting to take control of what she considers ‘her house’.



As she takes over one of Tom’s presentations, she is forced by Ron to give him a chance, and surprise surprise he delivers. 

It was good to see everyone doing things right, as messed up as the department can be. April and the rest of the office however, are playing a prank on Ben. Shockingly, it backfires and it is Ben who surprises them.

Ann Perkins and Chris are such a funny pair. They decide since they are expecting, to get married. However, once they get to the jewelry shop, indecision sets in and it is a roller-coaster of pros and cons. Unconventional people do unconventional things, and in the heat of the moment, they even got a free locket. Good mojo.


This episode it was Ron playing the responsible role, guiding his peers. However, I miss the good old Ron, with his sarcasm. Why has he been put in the corner? As missing as he may be, when it comes to giving advice he made his presence felt. He guided Tom and had faith in him, and also told Leslie she was good at her job. Mainly because that office would not run without her if she hadn’t taught them all so well. Aww.

That’s it.



April and Ron together! We miss their quality time!

Tom’s business card probably says: Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department, Business Liaison. It sounds ridiculous

I am not opposed to the Parks and Rec-rootation. Are Kangaroos the new puppies?


The Ninja’s Assistant


Parks and Recreation – Season 6 Episode 10 – Second Chunce Review

In Second Chunce (Nope, not a typo) we visit Pawnee for the 100th time. Leslie struggles to come to terms with her last day as a city councilwoman, Anne Perkins and Chris find out the sex of their baby, and Tom finally sells Rent-a-swag.


Parks and Recreation likes to make the most of its roster, and gives everyone an equal amount of screen time. This season though, I’ve really missed Andy. I know he’s been there in flashes, but his move to London was beginning to annoy me. Now that he’s back, we get some of his classic behaviour. Like mowing the lawn at 2am, and…


The funniest part of the episode had to be Dexhart’s sex scandal (He’s had a few). Not only did it set off Leslie’s alarm bells, but it was down right hilarious. I’ll never forget this little gem: “I’ve been texting, sexting, even tex mexting, which is where you send photos of your junk from the restroom of a Chili’s-to-go…”


Mrs. Dexhart didn’t see the funny side of it…


The entire crew do their best to convince Leslie not to run for Dexhart’s seat, and for once she actually caves. Maybe it was the pep talk about running for the Senate that just for one minute distracted her. My only real issue with the episode was the lack of Ron Swanson and his stash!

Where to next? Back to the Parks and Rec Dept for some old school laughs.


The Ninja


– Dexhart’s sexting alias? Lee Harvey Teabag!

– Should Leslie run again for City Council, or are her Senate aspirations her destiny?

– Anyone else want more Ron and April?