Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 24 – A Is For Answers Review

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Now that the police got hold of Cece Drake, the truth about Ali being alive was confirmed. She told the detectives how she used to meet up with her, etc. This seems problematic not only for the police but also for the girls, Mrs DiLaurentis and of course, Alison.

The girls got to meet up with Ali again. This time, it was great because we got a bit of what we always wanted. A lot of questions were answered by her telling them the story of how it all happened. She knew someone was blackmailing her, so A had been around all this time. Also, she told them about a flash drive with what were compromising videos of multiple people.

The whole point of the episode was for Ali to give confirmation to her friends about who isn’t A. It isn’t Ezra, or Mrs DiLaurentis or Toby, or Mona or anybody! Also, Ali confirms it for Spencer, she’s innocent! But we all knew that already…

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Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 23 – Unbridled Review

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Social events are always a must in Pretty Little Liars, and a wedding auction seems like the type of event Rosewood people attend. Spencer was running through the woods in a wedding dress, and after she saw someone, it was time to go back 48 hrs. Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 22 – Cover For Me Review

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Tsk, tsk. The season is getting closer and closer to an end, and we’re still digging. Spencer is back from rehab and with a brand-new sponsor living in her house. (Ugh, it’s Kol from The Vampire Diaries/ The Originals) his previous English accent was so bad, that now it’s impossible to get him out of that character. However, being Spencer’s sponsor means that probably, he will end up involved just like everybody else.

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Speaking of involvements, Aria is busy in Syracuse looking at a university, when she hooks up with a random musician guy. Understandably, she wanted to get Ezra out of her system, and boy did she do it! Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 21 – She’s Come Undone Review

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Everyone is going crazy! It’s not just Spencer, this time everybody is up for a spot at the local mental hospital. Hanna is just going around kissing people, Spencer gets an ultimatum that ends in disaster, Emily’s plans take a turn and Aria is now absolutely bat shit cray.

Aria is back, and she tells the girls all about Ezra. How he knew all about them and Ali, and how all the surveillance was just an aid towards his book research. Ezra has a theory though, he thinks one of them did it, and by the look of things he isn’t too far out. Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 20 – Free Fall Review

ImageIt had all been way too easy and too good to be true. The whole Ezra plot was just a decoy, to keep us plastered to our TVs. So far, it was pretty obvious that Ezra had something to do with everything, but with Spencer going through her junkie phase, it’s been a tough ride. Having Spencer in a vulnerable situation proved that the group is not as smart as they think without Little Miss Hastings. Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 19 – Shadow Play Review

Picture 19Pretty Little Liars rarely has any filler episodes. If they do, they air them during Halloween or some holiday to disguise it. This week we got that kind of feeling but it was black and white. For real, after Spencer finds Ali’s diary under Ezra’s desk, and her usual dose of pills, she goes to a land of the trippin’.

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Everything transformed into a black and white film, it was actually really cool. Everything about the episode was different and fun. The clothes were fantastic, the whole atmosphere felt really mysterious and it was overall mysterious, and dark. Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 18 – Hot For Teacher Review


Lies, heaps and heaps of lies! This week the liars were on point. Everyone is lying to each other and it’s just great to watch. Frustration and evidence against Ezra are piling up and with Spencer taking pills, she’s about to have a nervous breakdown.

We all know Ali has been keeping in touch with Shana, but this time we actually get to see them having a phone call. In it, Ali asks Shana to take something from her old bedroom, but her mum is there at all times. Since Emily is the ‘only one’ that Alison trusts according to Shana, she asks her to go and find out what’s inside the bedroom poster.


While she’s asking her for this favour, they’re being watched (of course) and someone’s taking pictures of them. Same goes for Hanna, who is lately quite the detective. The poor girl is being lied to from all angles, but she’s determined to find out what’s up. Since Spencer is looking less like Paddington Bear and more like Hunter Thompson, it’s easy to figure out something isn’t right. She has also been buying pills off some nerdy chic. How times have changed…


Following her instincts Hanna sneaks into Spencer’s bedroom and finds all the Ezra research she had been doing. She follows her to Ezra’s apartment and discovers half way through that there is a camera and they’re being watched so they walk out and leave. Smart move girls!

While they’re leaving, Emily is waiting for Shana to show up and pick up the goods. By goods I mean some money and a note that was inside the poster that Emily found in Ali’s room. When Shana doesn’t show up, Emily worries and goes to meet up with the girls. Spencer takes the opportunity to spill the beans finally. Aria is missing from the equation because, well, she’s sleeping with the enemy. Literally.

She is by far the biggest liar in this episode. She’s still keeping her relationship with Ezra secret from her friends and when he invites her to spend the weekend at his cabin (alarm bells anyone?) she doesn’t even bother to tell anyone the truth of her whereabouts. First she leaves to buy chickpeas? lolz, and then we see Ezra opening his little hole on the floor and there it is, the dungeon of terror. This is where the magic happens ladies! So close to home Aria… oh well..


She then comes back and wakes up in the middle of the night to an empty bed and Ezra appears out of nowhere. This is after he had a little drive and checked his spying-app, you know because he has eyes everywhere. He also has someone helping him with pictures and emails of the girls’ every move.

Shana wakes up inside her car after being ‘asleep’ for a while. Knowing she missed the meeting with Emily, she’s confused as to where she is and when Ali calls her, Shana’s mind is already somewhere else. She knows she has to leave, even if that means leaving Ali and all of it behind.


The last we see of Ali is an image of a desperate girl talking on the phone and getting rejection from Shana, who is clearly scared to death. Alison jumps on a bus, and that’s that…

Who knows..


More questions and more answers…


Why is it a catwalk show? Since when is Aria Lil Miss Tight Dress? I miss her good old ‘dark’ days.

Now that all of the girls know the truth, will Aria find out through them or will she be in trouble? My money is on the second option

Spencer quoting Wikipedia on one of her essays and Ezra telling her off.. Guess he’s desperate. 





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Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 17 – Bite Your Tongue Review


This week’s episode was all about last minute rushes. It all developed towards the second half of the episode. The first half was mainly dedicated to bringing in new characters and new story lines. Surprise, surprise.

Aria’s little brother Mike is now hooking up with Mona. Mind…blown!!! They met at a group in school where people can talk about their issues. Counselling with the new guy, Jesse. Anyone who puts their future in hands of Jesse can’t be in their right mind. Who is hiring the staff at this school?


Anyway, little Hanna who is now the queen of reading James Patterson (kudos to that), makes an appointment to see the dentist. Nothing in this show is at random, the appointment is at the same place where someone, potentially A went to. Turns out when Alison’s death was faked, someone swapped the x-rays of the dental records. Great way to avoid anyone noticing when they switched up the bodies. 

Hanna pays the price because she ends up being anesthetized by A and finding a little note inside her mouth. Hanna, you little raven.

Meanwhile Spencer is trying to score drugs from one of her classmates. Boy was fresh as a cucumber and Spencer instantly knew what was up.Image


With Emily still being super mad at her, she starts to investigate pages of the diary. Mainly photos she took on her phone. She ends up discovering a bar where Ali used to go with ‘someone’. When she sees Ezra there, having beer and pie (just like it said in the diary), she’s already put the pieces together. 


Emily was trapped inside the photocopy room, Xero(x) common sense girl! Her dad ends up climbing to the window and saving her. A’s tricks are getting more and more dangerous. They all end up meeting in Aria’s house and the girls bury the hatchet. It wasn’t meant to last long, not with all the chasing going on.


The police guy wants a piece of Hanna? I am so confused

Metal music playing on the high school speakers… lolz

Why is Mona dressing more and more like a divorcee? Smile and wave..



Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 16 – Close Encounters Review

First of all, I want to say sorry because the Ninjas were all on holiday. We all need a week off right? However, this won’t happen again and we promise to stick to our usual schedule.

Now, Pretty Little Liars!

Close Encounters was that kind of episode that causes anxiety and stress, but in a good way. At this point, the girls don’t really even know what’s going on, and to be honest, neither do we. Emily and Hanna are sure A orchestrated everything, as usual. Finding nobody in that abandoned house with a ‘broken window’ was a real turn off.

Hanna is dealing with heartbreak in a very alternative way.


She kisses Travis, and well she is busted by her mum. Travis is a great addition to the mix, but it is a good thing to see him step back and give her time to work through her issues.


In the meantime, Emily is pretty much harassed by Shana, who says that she’s now talking to Alison. The whole story of Shana being mates with Ali was a bit out there, but everything in this show is, so, why not? Emily believes her and goes to meet Alison, not before telling Spencer about it. Good old Spencer follows her and thus comes ‘Emily the warrior princess’. This is the first time Emily has truly lost her temper. EVER!


Points to Spencer, that girl is just so clever! Not only does she tell Emily that Alison is playing her, isolating her from the rest and making her feel special. She also finds out that Ali’s mum is part of the board of Radley. Unfortunately, it’s too late for her boyfriend, who was forced to sign an agreement by Spencer’s Dad!!!!!

Aria’s left for last because the girl needs to get her priorities straight! She tells Jake bye-bye, and she’s back on with Ezra. At this point, he is the creepiest, most two-faced man ever. Ironically, Jake sees Ezra talking to some woman and this leads to him telling Aria. For once, he was confronted!! Don’t be so quick to give Aria a round of applause because apparently, confrontation just leads to eating brownies and whipped cream. Ugh.


Poor Jake paid the price when he kicked a punching bag, and got cut with a bunch of knives that were casually sticking out.


The plate place, do we have one in London?!

Now that Emily and Spencer are not talking to each other there is more to come. Distance means nothing but trouble.

What is Spencer’s dad hiding?

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Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 14 – Who’s In the Box Review

To see Pretty Little Liars re-appear on TV has been one of my biggest satisfactions of 2014. With the show being such a guilty pleasure, I was truly looking forward to see what was in store for this episode.

The episode ‘Who’s in the Box’ was by no means a disappointment, but it was definitely one of those ‘tying knots, closing doors’ 45 minutes. Last time we saw them, Caleb was already in Ravenswood, Alison was ‘alive’ and begged the girls for help because she is ‘in danger’. Ezra went from Mr bohemian romantic teacher, the I-drink-tea type of guy, to the kind of creep that lurks in the shadows. This twist definitely left us all quickly making theories and assuming that Ezra is of course, A.

The episode begins with the girls doing some catching up at the crypt where Alison’s remains are. As you do, you know every Saturday. However, this time the girls are assuming that since Alison is alive, someone else must be inside her grave. So, since they are a super team of teenagers with unlimited resources, they discover that another girl had disappeared at the same time as Allie. Her name was Sara Harvey and she was pretty much a beesnitch like Alison. It seemed like a good match according to Hanna, who by the way, took the role of Spencer and came up with all the good ideas.

Toby returns and makes out with Spencer outside school, as Mona cruises by in her new Mustang, (courtesy of Jenna). Toby tells Spencer that during his absence, he was able to talk to people from the mental hospital where his mum died and apparently everyone stays at. I guess Radley is the one and only choice for mental health, and also the people of this town seem to have a lot of mental issues. They know it all leads back to that place and all its secrets. Again, it’s like the hotel to the stars, so a lot of secrets must have been kept there.

Hanna tells the girls that she is willing to meet up with the friends of the other ‘missing girl’ with the hopes to find out if it could be her inside Ali’s grave. After their ‘discussion’ Aria gets an apology from Ezra, right after he talks in class about Jekyll and Hyde. Hmm.

Not long after, Aria calls him, he picks her up and they go to a very rustic house and well, he gives her a set of keys and Aria being her naïve self takes them like I would take a new pair of shoes. Did I forget to mention there is a hole in the ground of his house and he is probably keeping or planning on keeping someone there? Or maybe it’s just extra book storage.


Emily and Hanna meet the other girls, and soon after, one of them is already at Emily’s workplace trying to ‘have a chat’. Wasn’t the pot of hot water quite funny? Also, it shows the lack of weapons at her workplace and the lack of creativity from whoever handed her that coffee pot. Emily is a warrior, she could’ve done better than hot water in a freaking coffee pot. The point being, the girl told Emily that Sara, her friend, was a horrible person and that she wished she was truly dead. Also, it was clear she wasn’t the girl in Alison’s grave since someone had seen her on her bike the day after Alison was ‘murdered’. So, that’s fifteen minutes of my time I am not gonna get back.. sigh..

However, things got funky when Mona and Ezra had a very interesting moment when they sat to have a coffee and pretty much behaved like dicks to each other. It was like oooh Mona is about to blackmail him, she knows he is A, or at least she knows something. But then, Ezra has a comeback telling her she is special but vulnerable. And that fear is a powerful tool, blablabla…


The worst part about this episode was having Caleb back to see Hanna just to tell her he had to go to Ravenswood for a while. It was pretty much a sad break-up with more tears from Caleb than I expected. Perhaps his departure made Hanna realise that she needs to do something about Ali’s diary that she stole from Ravenswood and is now in her possession. So she took the girls to the Crypt again, and showed them the diary. She apologised for not showing it to them earlier, but apparently there are very bad things written about all of them in there. As if we didn’t see that coming.


The episode ended with ‘someone’ peeking inside the hole at Ezra’s house. If it was Ezra, why would he be in a hood? In the dark? Too much to handle right now..

Other notes:

I am happy Hanna’s mum got a job working for Mrs. DiLaurentis. I am however concerned about Mrs DiLaurentis because she gave her the job because Ali told her to in a dream.

Caleb’s departure definitely leaves room for some new love affair for Hanna, and perhaps some new faces!

Kudos to the show for making the Aria and Ezra moments really uncomfortable now. It is hard to believe there was once a time where it was all love and marshmallows when all I see on screen is like a scene of paranormal activity. It makes me cringe… in a good way.

Emily’s hair looks so amazing, this whole ‘hating’ on Alison is working wonders on her scalp.

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