Wayward Pines – Episode 2 – Do Not Discuss Your Life Before

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Last week we tuned in for round two of the purest WTF moments of the week. The pilot wrapped up leaving us viewers with a million questions. What’s the deal with Sheriff Pope? What’s going in with TIME in WP? I’m still reeling from Bev’s confession that she arrived in 1999, and has been there around a year. Wake up Bev! It’s 2014! Well, at least in Burke’s mind.

Burke finished the first episode staring up at the huge fences that separate the town he now calls home from the outer world. Maybe you really can’t leave Wayward, much like how you couldn’t die in Fortitude (for those that have seen it). Do Not Discuss Your Life Before kicks off with Burke heading back to the house where he found the Secret Service agent’s body. Sheriff Pope rolls into the house, and Burke’s told that, rule numero uno, you don’t leave WP. (Think we got that by now, Popey). Pope sends him back to the hotel, which he does, for all of five minutes. Still with me? Okay, good. Let’s push on.

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Criminal Minds – Season 9 Episode 19 – The Edge of Winter Review

Picture 34This week on Criminal Minds there was an opportunity to go a bit deeper on a case. Usually it’s all about tracking a current serial killer/murderer, but this time it was about testifying for a trial.

Morgan shows up at a mental institution in search of a woman named Daria. She had been the victim of a terrible kidnapping, and witnessed the murder of multiple people. The man who held them all captive was abusive and had the help of a partner. Continue reading

The 100 – Season 1 Episode 1 – Pilot

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It’s been a while since a show with such a clear concept came around, and on the CW no less! The 100 has a really strong premise, and the pilot didn’t disappoint (much).

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So, to give a quick breakdown of what’s happening here, 100 juvenile prisoners are sent down to earth to see if it’s now viable for life. No one has been back to earth since a nuclear war wiped human life out, and fourteen space stations came together to make the Ark, where the remaining human population lives. They’re quickly running out of oxygen and supplies, so instead of sending some probe to test earth’s radiation levels, they figure it’s all good to just air drop 100 kids down there and see what happens. You might think this is a bit rash, but in a ‘world’ where anyone who commits a crime (of ay kind) is sentenced to death. Continue reading

Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 9 – Go Brit Or Go Home Review

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So, back to New York and Baby Daddy we go again. In Go Brit Or Go Home, Danny’s been on the receiving end of some stick from a local journalist about his game. Riley meanwhile wants Ben to hang out with Philip in a bid to get them friendly, but also to get Ben to accept it and move on. Continue reading

Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 8 – A Knight to Remember Review

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It’s renaissance fair time this week with Baby Daddy. The show was just renewed for another season, proving that there’s a solid fanbase behind ABC’s comedy, and I for one am happy to see another season. Outside of the renaissance fair, Tucker’s dad comes to town and creates all kinds of issues, mainly because Tucker dropped out of law school years before, and his dad thinks he’s a fully fledged lawyer. Oops. Continue reading

Criminal Minds – Season 9 Episode 18 – Rabid Review

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Criminal Minds writers probably love to write the most horrific stories ever. This week was a reminder that the bad and the ugly is always out there, and if the episode was all about anger, we certainly felt that anger too.

A crazy person is kidnapping people at random, transmitting rabies and then filming the whole thing! First the team assumes it’s someone with a sick dog who is biting all the victims, however, when the bites turn human it gave them more of a reason to search! Continue reading

The Middle – Season 5 Episode 16 – Stormy Moon

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Stormy moon was definitely an episode about losing control and losing things. Once again, the Hecks are doomed for the worst when Frankie gets arrested. Apparently, nowadays you can get arrested for an overdue book. She had received plenty of letters warning her, however, that house is like a war zone so it’s impossible to keep track of things. Continue reading

The Middle – Season 5 Episode 15 – Vacation Days Review

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It’s a tough life in The Middle, but now that Spring Break is here everyone gets a chance at fun and of course, disaster.

Mike is forced to take a few days of paid holiday, and Mike being Mike finds the idea strange. However, after a few beers and a few hours of sitting in the sofa he’s not complaining. Until Brick shows up of course. Continue reading

Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 7 – The Bet Review

ImageThis was one of my least favourite episodes of Baby Daddy. I get that a show can’t just churn out great episodes one after another but this type of filler episode is bound to make people angry. Bonnie had to reel in the comedy moments all by herself this week, because the rest of the plot was a bit silly. Continue reading