Ninja News – CBS Renewals

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Jumping on the back of renewing the Big Bang Theory for three seasons, CBS went ahead and announced the renewals of no less than 18 of their shows. Here’s a list of all the shows that they want to see more of.















Still no word on The Crazy Ones, but don’t hold your breath on that just yet. No word either on Hostages, but I really don’t think that’ll get brought back. Could be wrong, though!


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-Are you happy?

-Did you favourite show get renewed?


2 Broke Girls – Season 3 Episode 18 – And The Near Death Experience Review

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Granted, this episode might not have been as funny as others, but it definitely made a point. After Chef Nicolas invites Caroline over for dinner, her attitude towards relationships might change completely.  Continue reading

2 Broke Girls – Season 3 Episode 17 – And The Married Man Sleepover Review

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Why can’t every show be like this? With its wit and its constant sexual remarks, it’s just pure laughter. Perhaps there is a lack of good stuff out there, but 2 Broke Girls really breaks the mould when it comes to good comedy. This episode was the perfect example, with a very crowded sleepover to aid Caroline and a lot of sexual tension. Of course, safe sex and birth control were top of the pile too! Continue reading

2 Broke Girls – Season 3 Episode 16 – And The ATM Review


Money makes the world go round. Even more so when you’re Max and Caroline. 

This week the diner celebrates installing it’s first ATM machine. This has the guys pretty excited even though most of them are pretty broke.


Max however, likes and accepts where she comes from, so she decides to break up with Deke. Why? Because he is rich, like loaded rich! So, he takes Caroline on an adventure to sneak into Deke’s dumpster and pick up her Gnome (one of them is called Gnome more drama) and her toothbrush. She is a coward, so it was interesting to see that even her, being the most open person ever, even struggles when dealing with feelings. She hides under her sarcasm, and with Deke being just the same, there was no competition.

Deke confronts her and then shows up to the diner dressed like the Monopoly Man. He really tried to win her back, and even after he gives her a million dollars, Max still doesn’t get it. Her attitude was all like ‘i’m like welfare, you need to be poor to get some’. He gave her money so she could understand what it’s like to have it, and Max being Max only spent like a hundred dollars buying random things for her peers (batteries, Godiva chocolates, a dust buster). Caroline was luckier, since she got a brand new pair of shoes from Deke after helping him sneak in to Max’s room.


After Deke gives up, Max goes to see him and confesses that even though he is rich, she likes him. She realises that money means that you can do whatever you want, however Deke choses to go to pastry school and live in a dumpster rather than living in the Taj Mahal.

The best thing about this show is that Deke and Max’s reactions with each other seem so natural! It’s as if they were an actual couple and the way they interact is not only funny but also very real.


what would you do if you had 1 million dollars?


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2 Broke Girls – Season 3 Episode 15 – And the Icing on the Cake Review

ImageIn the most uneventful episode of the last two season all of the characters club together to give their approval of Deke. After Han complaining that Max is hanging out with him on the job, she decides to get everyone over to his house dumpster for a little get together. This is probably the first time that all of the shows main characters  are together in one place, and it was pretty funny.


For the first time in the show we see Max get serious enough with someone that she drops the L bomb. Deke drops his own right back like a classic game of battleships, and I found myself wondering what’s going to screw this up. It was great to see this side to Max because she’s usually the exact opposite.

ImageTurns out Deke is actually super rich, and Max ain’t alright with that. She flips, and we see again that Max is over having money. Deke is too, and he’s only scared of what people will think. Kudos, Deke, not everyone with money is as chill as you.

We see Caroline’s true colours come out. In the beginning she’s pretty anti-Deke, and is even uncomfortable hanging out in the dumpster. I don’t know why they felt the need to bring back her spoiled lil’ rich girl routine, and it was pretty annoying. She’s been on a huge character arc these past two seasons, and has really settled into the Williamsburg way. This just kind of ruined it for me. Let’s get her back to the more chilled out version of Caroline, there’s a chance we might like her!

ImageNo one should be that excited about money!

Something was missing this week, but I can’t put my finger on it. It just didn’t feel like an episode of 2 Broke Girls at times.

See you next week, girls,

The Ninja

2 Broke Girls – Season 3 Episode 14 – And The Dumpster Sex Review

ImageAgain, in And The Dumpster Sex was an episode that centered around Deke and Max’s new relationship, and she takes a step forward, and goes to his house. She gets a little surprise, as Deke doesn’t live in a conventional house. He’s got a tricked out dumpster.

ImageCaroline deals with the ‘rap car’, a car that’s been parked outside the cupcake shop and is driving away customers. She asks them to move on, and worries that the gangsters are coming after her when people start asking around for ‘the skinny blonde.’

ImageShe also get’s a little surprise at work. The ‘gangster’ guy who’s been chasing her about drops into the diner to give her a gift. She freaks, but it’s a funny moment because he gives her a mix tape and wants to take her out for dinner.

ImageCaroline freaks when Max comes into the flat, and spills hot water all over her foot. The guys go off to the emergency room and as they’ve no insurance, there’s not much to do. They sit, and Caroline demands to be seen (you can take the girl out of the rich…)

ImageIt was great to see Max and Deke happy together. He’s a great actor that brings a lot of comedy to the show, but in a different way. It adds to the overall group, instead of replacing any single character. Let’s hope he’s here to stay, because Max’s boyfriends seem to disappear way too quickly. Plus, the dumpster’s a pretty cool little crib!

ImageI could have done with a bit more Oleg, though!

Keep it up, girls.

The Ninja

2 Broke Girls – Season 3 Episode 13 – And The Big But Review

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Max and Caroline are back with a boom! The two broke girls and their peers have managed to make us laugh our lungs out this week.

It doesn’t come as a shock that the show manages to provide an excellent script, and this episode takes the biscuit for most laughs.

On a snowy day, everyone ends up trapped inside the Diner, with Han making a late entrance and Max and Deke ‘studying’ for their baking exam. Deke (played by Eric Andre who is a legend), has been a great addition to the cast because he is hilarious and Max’s perfect joke partner. Caroline might not be as funny as Max, but this episode proves she is crucial for the jokes to happen.

While Caroline is dealing with her doomed ‘relationship’ with married Nicolas, it is Max who is struggling to come to terms with her feelings for Deke. Judy with the Booty, Max’s classmate, is also interested in Deke. When he leaves the studying session to hang out with Judy, Max realises the ‘bro’ status won’t cut it.

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The show demonstrates that you can do a lot with little time. A run by Max and Caroline to steal the exam from the school turns into Deke’s attempt to kiss Max. By making the fire alarm go off. Intense five minutes of TV right there.

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Giving the girls a chance to come out of the diner a bit more often has done wonders for the script. All the random characters, as seldom as their appearances might be, are always quality.

2 Broke Girls is always fun, and they are not scared to go a bit dirty with their jokes. Oleg, Han, Sophie, Earl and new addition Luis are great roles that combined, make a statement in comedy unlike other shows out there.

Good comeback girls!


Happy we got to see a lot of kissing and making out.

Oleg’s ‘Chincheetah’ hat was a great purchase

Is it me or do some of the jokes seem a bit improvised? I am not complaining, I really like it and it makes it look more real and young.


The Ninja’s Assistant