Baby Daddy – Season 4 Episode 1 – Strip or Treat Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 14.34.58One of our favourite shows here at TheTVNinja has returned! Baby Daddy is back for a fourth season, and surely the amount of Bonnie jokes will keep us entertained for the rest of the season. This show knows how to make each character special, funny and with quirky storylines that keep us gripped. It’s like a choir rather than a solo, and that’s why it works!

This episode was all about pranking. Riley is sick and tired of always being pranked on Halloween. It turns out the Wheelers are actually masters of the unexpected, and therefore have successfully pranked Riley over and over. Continue reading


Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 24 – A Is For Answers Review

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Now that the police got hold of Cece Drake, the truth about Ali being alive was confirmed. She told the detectives how she used to meet up with her, etc. This seems problematic not only for the police but also for the girls, Mrs DiLaurentis and of course, Alison.

The girls got to meet up with Ali again. This time, it was great because we got a bit of what we always wanted. A lot of questions were answered by her telling them the story of how it all happened. She knew someone was blackmailing her, so A had been around all this time. Also, she told them about a flash drive with what were compromising videos of multiple people.

The whole point of the episode was for Ali to give confirmation to her friends about who isn’t A. It isn’t Ezra, or Mrs DiLaurentis or Toby, or Mona or anybody! Also, Ali confirms it for Spencer, she’s innocent! But we all knew that already…

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The Middle – Season 5 Episode 16 – Stormy Moon

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Stormy moon was definitely an episode about losing control and losing things. Once again, the Hecks are doomed for the worst when Frankie gets arrested. Apparently, nowadays you can get arrested for an overdue book. She had received plenty of letters warning her, however, that house is like a war zone so it’s impossible to keep track of things. Continue reading

Twisted – Season 1 Episode 16 – The Son Also Falls Review

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Now that Karen and Danny are finally free of Vikram, it’s seems simple to start over. Even more so when you have ten million dollars to spend. Unfortunately not everyone is so happy with Danny’s new lifestyle and those who were there for him slowly start to walk away. Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 23 – Unbridled Review

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Social events are always a must in Pretty Little Liars, and a wedding auction seems like the type of event Rosewood people attend. Spencer was running through the woods in a wedding dress, and after she saw someone, it was time to go back 48 hrs. Continue reading

The Middle – Season 5 Episode 15 – Vacation Days Review

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It’s a tough life in The Middle, but now that Spring Break is here everyone gets a chance at fun and of course, disaster.

Mike is forced to take a few days of paid holiday, and Mike being Mike finds the idea strange. However, after a few beers and a few hours of sitting in the sofa he’s not complaining. Until Brick shows up of course. Continue reading

Twisted – Season 1 Episode 14 – Home Is Where The Hurt Is Review

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And we’re back to a sad day in Danny’s life. A sad week by the looks of it. Guilt and secrets are starting to take their toll, and even though he is trying his hardest to be normal and live his life, it isn’t easy. Him and Jo are struggling to come to terms with what they did, but now that there are secrets coming out of the walls, they might not be the only affected ones.

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