Parks and Recreation – Season 6 Episode 17 – Galentine’s Day Review

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Oh, Leslie. Everyone’s favourite nutcase is really going mental in Galentine’s Day. She’s missing Anne Perkins and wants to audition every female she knows for a role as her best friend.

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After trying to bond with Donna and April, Leslie sets up a Galentine’s day brunch, where she gets all the ladies she knows together to kick start the auditioning process. Meanwhile, Andy and Ron go off to work together, and Ben, Tom and Larry go to seal the deal on the tents. Continue reading


The Originals – Season 1 Episode 17 – Moon Over Bourbon Street Review

We’re still struggling to wrap out heads around the news that Claire Holt is gone from the show here at The TV Ninja. Moon Over Bourbon Street has seen the story jump one month into the future from Rebekah’s exit, and Elijah is firmly in control. He rips up the set of rules Marcel placed on the French Quarter and has a clear voting platform. Play nice or get out.

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Trophy Wife – Season 1 Episode 17 – The Wedding – Part Two Review

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Cricket’s in town! Kate’s mum is here for the wedding, along with Pete’s parents. She made a great entrance, arriving handcuffed after going crazy on her flight.

Kate’s obviously concerned about her mother’s behaviour. Let’s just say that when Karen from ‘Will and Grace’ plays your mother, things will get insane. She brought male strippers to the rehearsal dinner, and all the insanity that came out of her mouth was obviously repeated by Bert. Safe to say, nobody was impressed. Continue reading

Modern Family – Season 5 Episode 17 – Other People’s Children Review

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As usual, the Pritchett/Dunphys were all split up in different pairings for Other People’s Children. Jay cooks a big brunch for everyone, and they all bail on him to do different things. He’s reduced to asking Andy to stay and watch Basketball with him, obviously forgetting that Phil said he’d stick around and watch the game. Later in the episode he has some bonding time with Luke, and they do some shop work. Jay’s glad for it, too, because he knows that he’ll probably be too old when Jo gets to a similar age, so he’s happy to do it now. Continue reading

The Goldbergs – Season 1 Episode 17 – Lame Gretzky Review

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You can’t get between Barry, Murray and Ice Hockey, can you? They’re nuts for it, and Adam is raining on their parade. He tries to play in the junior game, but is nowhere near as good as Barry. He scores an own goal and his dad is so embarrassed he can’t even watch his favourite team, the Flyers, without being reminded of it. Even Barry starts calling him Lame Gretzky.

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The Neighbors – Season 2 Episode 17 – Balle, Balle Review

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Now that Larry and Jackie have jobs, they are official members of human society. This time, they get invited to an indian wedding. Unlike their very popular neighbors, Debbie and Marty are struggling because their children find them boring. The combination of events led to a very surprising ending. Continue reading

2 Broke Girls – Season 3 Episode 17 – And The Married Man Sleepover Review

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Why can’t every show be like this? With its wit and its constant sexual remarks, it’s just pure laughter. Perhaps there is a lack of good stuff out there, but 2 Broke Girls really breaks the mould when it comes to good comedy. This episode was the perfect example, with a very crowded sleepover to aid Caroline and a lot of sexual tension. Of course, safe sex and birth control were top of the pile too! Continue reading