The Goldbergs – Season 2 Episode 4 – Shall We Play A Game? Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 15.03.52Bev, oh freakin’ Bev. This woman is my reason to live! She’s so un-cool, she’s cool. Erica doesn’t seem to think the same, so she starts spending time with Louise, ‘the cool mum’. She is the mother of one of Erica’s best friends, and the girls have been spending all their free time with her.  Trips to the mall, manicures, the whole nine yards. Continue reading


Brooklyn Nine Nine – Season 2 Episode 4 – Halloween II Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 12.46.57It’s obvious that Halloween is a very hectic day for everyone at the precinct. It came as no surprise that their Halloween episode involved a lot of Peralta messing around and screwing things up. Why have ten milliion characters when they’re only going to use the same people and the same plot lines over and over?

Anyway, this time Peralta is determined to steal the Captain’s watch. Since he won last year after stealing the Captain’s medal, he wants to add yet another success to his long list of ‘jokes’. He eventually finds a guy that calls himself ‘Fingers’. Fingers is a master pick pocket, who, of course ends up taking the watch, and stealing it ‘for realsies’ in the process. This part of the episode was as predictable as anything. I mean, what made Peralta think that he could get away with this two years in a row?

Turns out the Captain had spent the whole year planning his revenge. He planned every detail – the pick pocket, Peralta noticing the watch, etc..

Meanwhile, Gina is upset because she got kicked out of her dance group. That girl loves to DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! so it was hard to watch a depressed Gina rather than her usual chipper, funny self. Terry discovers that she’s been taking classes to finish her degree, and missing rehearsals in the process. In the end, of course her and Terry end up dancing at the show, and it was everything we ever hoped for. Strictly/Dancing with the Stars 2015?

That’s why it’s a bit upsetting that they don’t give more attention to the back stories of other characters. Clearly the ‘precinct’ plot and the cases are all a joke, so it would be nice to see more of what people actually do, rather than seeing Peralta’s pick-a-mix of pissing off his fellow characters every episode.

Modern Family – Season 6 Episode 4 – Marco Polo Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 14.38.11

This was a week from hell for all the family. Phil and Claire take the children to a hotel for a few days after they discover mold in their house. That room was more a war trench than a bedroom, but they survived.

Claire had a Plan B, which was to secretly rent another room. She did, and it only took Phil a couple of days to realise what she’d been up to. She had all the comforts and space, while the rest of her family was suffering in a crowded room.  Eventually the kids discover the truth, and decide to go to Claire’s room and leave Phil alone. He ended up mingling with other guests, particularly a Nigerian family who ended up staying at their home once the mold was treated. The kids felt guilty and realised that Phil does all those crazy things because he’s a big kid he truly loves spending time with his children. Aww.. them feels!

Cam is still the football coach at Manny’s school and is preparing for a big match. Mitchell has never been into sports, but as a sign of support, he decides to attend the match. It turns out that he could be Cam’s bad luck charm and some things are better left alone. At least he tried.

The saddest part of this episode was Manny’s first heartbreak. He had started seeing a girl, a senior, and this had Jay and Gloria on edge. It turned out the girl was caught kissing her ex boyfriend, etc, etc..

Jay saw the whole thing, but decided to leave it up to Manny to make the right choice. He did give him a really nice speech, though. The poor kid was truly heartbroken, but these things happen, and he will be back to drinking his espressos in no time. Jay’s always been a dad to him, but it’s these moments where you see that Jay is an expert in the soft approach. Good on you Jay!

A very emotional episode. It is good to see the children growing and changing, experiencing new things. The best part is watching the adults experience the same things along the way.


The Big Bang Theory – Season 8 Episode 4 – The Hook-Up Reverberation Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 15.16.30Hmmm.. it’s always been a given that Penny is the ‘hot one’ of the show. However, when Raj introduces his new girlfriend to the group, both Penny and Emily (Raj’s gf) are not impressed.

Somehow, these geniuses always miss the obvious. Bernie suggests for Penny and Emily to have a mock sales pitch. Penny is now a pharmaceutical rep, and Emily is a doctor, and Bernie wants to throw new-hair-Penny into the lion’s den. To Penny this seemed like a good way to bond with her, and she decides to go and pay her a visit at work. Unfortunately, Emily hates her! All because of Raj’s story of his ‘hook-up’ with Penny.

It was all a big misunderstanding, and in the end, they all agree. One thing is agreeing, but another is liking each other and those two are only starting to show their claws, lolz. Team Emily? Team Penny? Maybe we should do a poll.

Meanwhile, the boys are too busy trying to help Stuart and potentially buy the comic book store and re-open it. In a pretty big twist it’s Sheldon who reminds the guys that they should probably discuss the investment with their partners. Penny doesn’t really mind, Bernie is like Heeeelll No! and Amy was just busy being Amy. By the end of it, the truth hit pretty hard… Everyone is asking themselves the same question, WHAT IS UP WITH HOWARD’S MOTHER?! By the time the guys decide on telling Stuart about their comic book store plan, it’s already too late. Howard’s mum gave him the money to re-open it.  It’s good news for Stuart, but Howard is in pieces..

This was just too freakin cruel for a comedy show. They better fix it soon, cos if that was my mamma I’d be on the ‘ohhh Hell Nooo’ train as quick as the next person!

The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 14 – The Grove Review

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 12.44.06

Wow! This has to be the best episode of the season so far. Not only because it was a great hour of TV, but because it was the kind of TV that ripped your heart and soul out and danced all over them, so that by the time it was up I had no idea what was going through my head.

Tyrese, Carol and the girls were by far the focus of The Grove, and when they stumbled onto that house I knew something bad was going to happen. The Walking dead won’t ever let anyone be truly happy, not for long, and it was obvious the happy family home life wasn’t going to stick around here for the long term, but I had no idea what was about to happen. Continue reading

Baby Daddy – Season 3 Episode 4 – Bonnie’s Unreal Estate Review

ImageBonnie’s got a new job this week. She’s working for the real estate company where her boyfriend, Brad, is a realtor. She gets given a listing, and of course Ben was going to mess it up for her. She trusted him to set up the open house, and instead of doing just that, he hooks up a candle, and sets the whole place a blaze.

ImageLucy Hale joins the guys this week, under the name Piper. She’s the daughter of ‘the reverend,’ someone that Riley’s company is representing in court. Riley gets entrusted with Piper, who at first seems like she won’t be too much hassle. She quickly drops the choir girl act, and starts to party, getting Tucker and Danny into a drunken state.

ImageBonnie’s Unreal Estate was all about standing up for one another, and for yourself. Ben feels terrible, and after learning that his mom is soon to get cut from her job he steps in and helps out. She gets a second listing from hell, and no one wants to buy it. Riley eventually loses her cool with Piper, and at the same time Bonnie and Riley stand up for themselves. Bonnie keeps her job, and Riley puts Piper solidly in her place.

ImagePiper sleeps over in Danny’s room (watch out for Ezra, Danny. He’ll be watching!), which doesn’t go over that well with Riley. At least Rigantor is noticing when people are lying to her. Bonnie eventually get’s the flat sold, to a pair of deaf nuns, who aren’t going to be bothered by that church bell ringing every two minutes. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


The Ninja



– “Hot properties, from a hot property.” Bonnie (of course)

– “You’re such a little liar.” Ben to Lucy Hale, LOLZ

Suburgatory – Season 3 Episode 4 – The Birds And The Biederman Review

ImageDallas has become a very ‘hands on’ woman since her break up with George. She can even change her own TV channel! However, she is not impressed when she starts to bump into him everywhere. She talks to Dalia and wants her to tell George to stay away from the places she frequents.


Poor Tessa is bumping into problems of her own. She sees Lisa hanging out with Ryan’s new girlfriend, Junebug! She feels betrayed and also threatens Lisa with a schedule so she can have ‘Lisa days’ without her having any more surprises. 

To be honest, Lisa should’ve been honest from the beginning, so she did deserve the cold shoulder. Ryan is her brother, so her becoming friends with the new girlfriend was inevitable, but Tessa should’ve gotten the memo.


Dalia and Tessa are ‘negotiating’ the terms of their parents’ demands, but in the end they both end up exhausted. Nice to see those two agreeing on something!ImageImage

Sadly, running away from problems is never the answer so Dallas bumped into George at the park. He wasn’t alone and the whole situation was very awkward. At least they got that out of the way?

This episode lacked a lot of the Sheila factor. She was having a rough time at work, and we get to see her quite grumpy and unhappy. A big change considering she’s the queen and boss of all things Chatswin. Although she wasn’t there to crack jokes, it was important for her character. We saw a vulnerable woman who seems invincible but is also human. Eye patch and all!



The Ninja’s Assistant


Glad Tessa agreed to hang out with Junebug. What a good friend…

Dallas seemed truly upset in the end and I wished she could find someone new.

Victor is such a nice kid. Funny to hear him talking to his dad about boobs. My favourite quote: ‘Why don’t you make love with the blazer on?’ 



Being Human (US) – Season 4 Episode 4 – Panic Womb Review

ImagePanic womb was supposed to be, in my eyes, a game of words or something for ‘panic room’. Boy was I wrong!!

This episode was an eye-opener for our Boston crew. Josh is doing his standard run, to control his wolf and ends up meeting a wolf lady who is pregnant. As it happens, this pregnancy is not normal and although she is in her first trimester she already looks like she’s about to pop. Josh asks Nora for help, and they both take the woman and her wolf husband to have a secret ultrasound in the hospital.


These two, especially Nora have become incredibly resourceful. However, it is another resourceful one, Sally, who is unstoppable. She goes to meet Zoe. Remember, the girl who can see ghosts? After what Sally did to her and her friends, she is not happy to see her but since Sally is looking for redemption they sit and have a chat. Sally needs help to find out what happened to Beatrice (aka Lil Smokie), the girl who had a terrible outcome in the house where they live now.

Zoe and Sally go to meet Beatrice, only to find out that she’s alive and kicking. After they leave, Beatrice pulls out a picture and we see Lil Smokie in the house window. Nightmare material right there.


Aidan is too busy dealing with Kenny (who showed up at the house and apologised to everyone), Kat and Suzanna. The latter being now like a ‘Vampire Buffy’ who lives on 70ml of blood per day, and is determined to kill every vampire around because ‘they kill people’. She also tells Aidan to forget about Kat because, first she’s jelly, obviously, and second because humans are not vampires. He is never going to age or die of sickness and he will be left behind.


There is something in the air telling me that Kat’s going to have a pretty bad time of things and Suzanna will pick up Aidan’s pieces.

Nora and Josh help the wolf lady give birth. Congrats! It’s a girl! This was a very heart warming moment, and while Nora and Josh deserve some feel-good time, they try too hard and never get any satisfaction in return.

Kat however is in for a surprise, when Aidan shows up to her place to pretty much confess that he’s a vampire. This is her reaction:



Aidan’s wet dream and his ‘fake biography’ are some of the things that remind me that he’s such a cool guy, and how human he really is. Wish he was my neighbour.

The wolf baby girl was kinda gross, no offense but nobody needs to see a half bald wolf covered in blood and placenta.

Zoe’s got a girlfriend! Good for her, I wish she was around more often. Sally, play nice!

The fact that Kenny can enter Aidan’s house whenever is quite frightening. He was born there after all, (as a vampire) so it makes sense. Creepy none-the-less,  there’s something about him that makes me question his intentions.

The Ninja’s Assistant