Supernatural – Season 9 Episode 16 – Blade Runners Review

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Blade, running… running, blade..

This episode Sam and Dean had no choice (once again) but to work with Crowley. The king of hell is a bit off his game ever since the boys gave him human blood, so now he wants to get back on track and kill Abaddon once and for all.

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Supernatural – Season 9 Episode 15 – #THINMAN Review

Picture 22Urban legends nowadays are more like online legends. This time, Sam and Dean decide to go catch a killer on the lose. What appears to be a ‘killer ghost’ with no face, turns out to be a celebrity of its own online. Thinman kills you after he appears on your selfie, video, etc..or so it seems, so .. brace yourselves.. Continue reading

Ninja News – Supernatural: Tribes

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A little while back the guys over at The CW announced that a Supernatural spin-off was in the works. While we’ve been dealing with that (there’s been some pretty mixed feedback so far) they’ve also come out and said that it will start as a backdoor pilot, coming in episode 20 of Season 9.

Supernatural: Tribes is going to be set in Chicago, and features (you guessed it) a mixture of young people fighting within the different four monster families that exist. A (once again) young (gotta love The CW) police officer tries his best to shut down all supernatural happenings in Chicago, and comes across the four mafia-esque monster families that are running the city’s underworld. Good luck with that!

Nathaniel Buzolic and Lucien Laviscount have both been cast in the show. Let’s hope Buzolic steps up his game, having been essentially written out of both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals already.

Tune in later this season to get a sneak peak and decide for yourself whether Supernatural: Tribes is worth watching. (Ps. No Winchesters!)

The Ninja

Supernatural – Season 9 Episode 13 – The Purge Review


Thank fudge we got a break from the whole ‘Sam and Dean drama’ this week. A filling episode about a Peruvian creature is exactly what we needed. The angel front, along with the rocky situation between siblings has been exhausting. There needs to be something that can either end this show on a high note, or just bring it back from the ashes. (Bring back Bobby Singer!)

People in a town in Minnesota who used to be overweight start to die. By the time the bodies are found, they have lost a lot of weight. This makes the news and instantly reaches Sam and Dean. 

After talking to a gypsy girl about her dead boyfriend, they discover a woman died in the gym in the exact same way as the first victim. All this leads to the guys finding a place called Canyon Valley, a wellness spa run by a very ‘loving’ couple. 

Sam gets stuck with a trainer job and Dean is helping in the kitchen, where he ends up drugged by the pudding. It was really funny when all he could say was ‘sweet potatoes’ bless 🙂


Sam comes to the rescue and they discover it’s all about a creature, the female doctor at the clinic. She is a pishtaco, a peruvian creature that sucks fat. She’s a good person though, so it only takes two minutes before they discover it was her brother, the other kitchen assistant who was on a high fat diet.


Nice to see the boys doing odd jobs rather than having them fighting in a motel room. Work it out fellas! 


The Ninja’s Assistant


Fish Taco!!

That pudding looked amazing, I would’ve eaten the whole thing too! 

Supernatural – Season 9 Episode 12 – Sharp Teeth Review

ImageHey everybody, Garth’s back!

After seeing Dean and Crowley team up last week, it was good to get back to the good old formula of Sam and Dean. They hadn’t seen or heard from Garth in six months, and I was beginning to wonder when the next one of these episodes was going to come around. It was around mid season when he popped up last time.ImageI kinda expected Sam to be a little bit more pissed at Dean for letting him be Gadriel’s darth vader outfit, but after almost ten years of their ridiculously bromantic I don’t know why I’m surprised at anything anymore. More than anything, dude just seems lost, and doesn’t have a clue what to say to his brother. Is it more stupid that Dean doesn’t even realise that what he did was wrong? (Again, why bother?)

Turns out Garth’s a wolf now, and is living with probably the most civilised family of wolves ever. It was a bit of a weird episode, in a way that we’re used to seeing the guys hunt and kill these kind of monsters throughout the nine series so far, not hang around for dinner.

ImageLet’s face it, every episode Garth’s been in before has been a little dumb, so we all knew that was coming. When Sam and Dean walked out on hunting, we saw that it ripped them apart, and inevitably, they came back, but life ain’t so bad for Garth. It’s been too easy an escape for him, and that’s what jarred the episode. He was a pure hunter, just like the Winchester boys, so it made no sense for him to walk out of it just like that.

ImageIt’s clear that in this season we’ll be visiting roads already traveled with the guys, but this time it’s their emotions that are at stake. In pretty much every other season something’s gotten in the way of them dealing with their shiz, and even though they’ve got their plates kinda full, something’s different. Even though Sam agreed to keep going, the fact his doesn’t really trust Dean anymore just crushed the guy. No more bromance for a while, I guess.


On a random sidebar, the CW ordered a pilot of a Supernatural spin-off, that will see monsters vs hunters on the streets of Chicago. Bleh! There’s a whole new cast, too, but with Jared and Jensen, it’ll be pretty tough to pull it off.

Get it together CW!

The Ninja


– Will Garth be back again?

-Good job coming clean about the mark of Cain!

– Will the guys acc deal with their problems for once?