The Big Bang Theory – Season 8 Episode 6 – The Expedition Approximation Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 14.16.51Everyone is busy making changes! Change is always good, but for these lot it can mean complications. This time money played a big part.

Penny decided to sell her old car, the one that Leonard gave her. Now she has a steady job, and a work car to go with it, she doesn’t need to keep her old one. This obviously upsets Leonard at first, but after some hard thinking he comes up with a solution. She has all this cash, so why not use it to start a joint account? Penny agrees and they end up throwing bills in the bed and gettin’ naughty. That’s exactly what I would have done with it! Continue reading


The Big Bang Theory – Season 8 Episode 5 – The Focus Attenuation Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 14.23.21

It appears that now that all the guys have girlfriends, they don’t brainstorm anymore. They come to the conclusion that they need to get rid of the girls for a weekend in order to be able to concentrate on all their scientific ideas and theories.

It took no effort (and all of around twenty seconds) for the girls to organise a weekend trip to Vegas. The guys seem pleased, so they start to brainstorm, only to get distracted straight away. If it wasn’t the TV, it was a stupid comment, or just a fly on the wall. The point being that the girls weren’t the real reason they are distracted. Things just change I guess.

They ended up going to Leonard’s lab in an attempt to focus, but the idea was totally useless. Even with tape stuck to their hairy arms, as a weapon to avoid distractions and get back to work, they ended up with hairless arms and no project to work on.

The girls on the other hand, are having a blast! Well, except for Penny, who for once has to stay in the hotel room to study. This didn’t stop Bernie and Amy going wild in Vegas. Girls gone wild! They got hammered.. bless them..

It was a nice twist, after all, everyone deserves a break from their working life. Everyone apart from Penny. She has a lot to catch up on! What was weird was Emily’s absence. Now she is dating Raj, it would be nice to see her interact a bit more with the rest of the group, and the Vegas trip seemed like the perfect chance..

The Big Bang Theory – Season 8 Episode 4 – The Hook-Up Reverberation Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 15.16.30Hmmm.. it’s always been a given that Penny is the ‘hot one’ of the show. However, when Raj introduces his new girlfriend to the group, both Penny and Emily (Raj’s gf) are not impressed.

Somehow, these geniuses always miss the obvious. Bernie suggests for Penny and Emily to have a mock sales pitch. Penny is now a pharmaceutical rep, and Emily is a doctor, and Bernie wants to throw new-hair-Penny into the lion’s den. To Penny this seemed like a good way to bond with her, and she decides to go and pay her a visit at work. Unfortunately, Emily hates her! All because of Raj’s story of his ‘hook-up’ with Penny.

It was all a big misunderstanding, and in the end, they all agree. One thing is agreeing, but another is liking each other and those two are only starting to show their claws, lolz. Team Emily? Team Penny? Maybe we should do a poll.

Meanwhile, the boys are too busy trying to help Stuart and potentially buy the comic book store and re-open it. In a pretty big twist it’s Sheldon who reminds the guys that they should probably discuss the investment with their partners. Penny doesn’t really mind, Bernie is like Heeeelll No! and Amy was just busy being Amy. By the end of it, the truth hit pretty hard… Everyone is asking themselves the same question, WHAT IS UP WITH HOWARD’S MOTHER?! By the time the guys decide on telling Stuart about their comic book store plan, it’s already too late. Howard’s mum gave him the money to re-open it.  It’s good news for Stuart, but Howard is in pieces..

This was just too freakin cruel for a comedy show. They better fix it soon, cos if that was my mamma I’d be on the ‘ohhh Hell Nooo’ train as quick as the next person!

The Big Bang Theory – Season 8 Episode 3 – The First Pitch Insufficiency Review

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 13.49.48The Big Bang Theory has been getting pretty intense with its approach to serious issues. In between the jokes, it’s easy to catch glimpses of how the writers are trying to go even deeper into the personality of every character.

This time, Howard is doomed! When he’s asked to throw the first pitch at a baseball game, he loses it. He is not only the least athletic person in the world, but he’s also clueless about sport in general. Luckily, the ever so versatile Bernie is ready to help him (with Raj in tow of course). That woman is a firecracker! It turns out, sometimes you need to look into what you’re good at and make the best of it. Howard’s idea? Using science (aka a prototype of the Mars rover) to throw the pitch. Clever, but boy was that machine slow.. OH.. SO.. SLOW…

The others are fighting over relationships. Amy and Sheldon are convinced that their relationship is great, because they took a compatibility test and nailed it. This makes Penny and Leonard take a hard look at themselves and truly question why they are together in the first place. Obviously it all became romantic and cheesy. Poor Amy made another remark of how much she wished Sheldon would say romantic words such as those. Think she’ll be waiting a while for that!

So yeah, relationships huh?


Where is this going and why is it all getting so emotional?!!!!


The Big Bang Theory – Season 8 Episode 2 – The Junior Professor Solution Review

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 15.00.51

In this second episode of the season premiere, Sheldon is offered a new job within the university. He can study dark matter, but the only condition is that he teaches a class. He reluctantly accepts, but for better or worse, no one signs up. His reputation as a ‘difficult character’ has spread widely around campus and truth is he doesn’t really seem to care that much, either.

His friends however, do care a lot. Howard offers to sign up for Sheldon’s class. Sheldon takes this as an opportunity to ridicule his friend in every possible intellectual way. Although Sheldon is extremely smart, Howard is not ready to give up the fight so easily, so if Sheldon was not ready to take teaching seriously, neither was Howie when it came to studying. Bad teacher vs Bad student was about to start..

Unfortunately for Howard, he got reported to HR by none other than his dear friend/teacher Sheldon… Bold move huh?

On the girl’s side, Penny and Bernie are having some issues. Since Bernadette helped Penny find the new job, she’s feeling entitled to make sure she doesn’t screw it up. Penny is sick of all the patronising,  and she decides to bitch about it with Amy. Clever as she is, Amy uses her friends argument to strengthen her own friendship with both of them. Eventually the girls fix their problems and Amy is no longer the ‘popular one’. Cue a sad Dr Farrah-Fowler.

The best part of the episode was how the guys started to answer random science questions and received chocolate bars in exchange. Although, the Creme Egg takes the biscuit.. or the creme…

The Ninja’s Assistant

The Big Bang Theory – Season 8 Episode 1 – The Locomotion Interruption

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 14.21.31After a long trip by himself, Sheldon is finally ready to return to Pasadena! As it’s the norm, Leonard was summoned by his old friend to pick him up in a different state of course. This sudden phone call really got Amy angry and feeling left out, so she decided to go with Leonard and make the trip to pick up Sheldon.

Things are definitely a bit different amongst the group of friends. Penny has a new haircut, and a new job interview thanks to Bernadette. Howard is no longer looking after his mother, but Stewart is. This has him clearly upset, and thinks his old friend has taken over his role as a son. As they say, be careful what you wish for right?

Sheldon was a big box of surprises when he actually said he was ready to get down to business with Amy. Wooohoooooo! Get your tiara girl, ‘cos you’re about to be going for a ride on the Sheldon Train!

The Big Bang Theory – Season 7 Episode 16 – The Table for Polarization Review

ImageThe Table for Polarization was an episode centered on change, and how each one of our favourite peeps from Pasadena deals with change when it creeps into their lives. We open with the guys poking fun at Raj’s accent, mainly the way he says mustache, when they realise that there’s no longer enough space for them all to sit together and eat. Bernadette throws the idea of them buying a dining table out there. Bad move, Bernie. Sheldon ain’t happy with that.

Continue reading

The Big Bang Theory – Season 7 Episode 15 – The Locomotive Manipulation Review

ImageValentine’s day is closing in around the guys in Pasadena, and they’re all off doing their own thing. Amy and Sheldon discuss what they’re going to be doing during The State of the Relationship Summit (just, lol), and at first Shelly’s not too keen. That all changes when Amy tells him that she’s booked them a Valentines meal on a vintage train.

ImageNeedless to say, he’s super excited. Leonard and Penny decide to have a chill one, and when Raj tells the gang he’s going out on a date, they agree to look after Cinnamon. Big mistake!



Sheldon LOVES the train, I mean, he’s never been so excited. He forgets that it’s Valentines, and abandons Amy completely to talk to his new train buddy. Although a little quirky (the train dude, not Sheldon) he knows his shiz about trains, and Sheldon’s impressed enough to go wander, leaving Amy fuming.

ImageCinnamon eats a whole box of chocolates and Raj is pissed. Leonard and Penny do the right thing and take pool lil cinnamon roll down to the vet, and in the process set Raj up with the vet. How long did it take him to realise that she’d given him her phone number for a non dog related issue? Too long.

ImageSheldon saves the day by slapping a kiss on Amy when she accuses him of not being romantic. Gotta say, colour me surprised. Did not see that coming! What does this mean for Sheldon and Amy? Maybe they’ll actually sleep together soon, a turn up for books after THREE YEARS.

Nice moves Shelly,

The Ninja

The Big Bang Theory – Season 7 Episode 14 – The Convention Conundrum Review

ImageIt’s Comic-Con ticket time! Just a shame that the guys go balls out and don’t even manage to get hold of some tickets. It was a military operation gone wrong, and even Sheldon lost his cool. They talk about scalping tickets, but with a life time ban looming, Sheldon’s just not game for it.


It was a bit of a boys vs girls week, and while the guys were being all dorky and childlike, the ladies went out for some afternoon tea. They started out strong, but quickly figured out that they were forcing things. They quickly ditched the tea and made a beeline for the bar, with Penny leading the charge all the way.

ImageAfter Sheldon fails to get his own convention off the ground overnight, he hunts down James Earl Jones, and in a great twist on the whole stalking incident gets invited to dinner. They pretty much spend the whole night together, and had some great moments while they were at. Sheldon seemed way too relaxed though.

ImageImageFor a guy who won’t even switch where he sits on the couch at home, he was totally in his comfort zone. Okay, okay, I know he was excited at the thought of hanging out with the guy who voiced Darth Vader, but c’mon, it’s Sheldon. Sheldon pretty much saved the day, because the guys are about to head down to San Diego with Darth Vader as a plus one.

It was a week where we see the guys being exactly what they are, giving The Convention Conundrum it’s theme. It doesn’t matter if you’re fifty years old – if you want to go to Comic-Con, go to Comic-Con – and if you want to go the bar to avoid your other half geeking out about something like Comic-Con, then you should probably go right ahead and do that too.

See you next week,

The Ninja

The Big Bang Theory – Season 7 Episode 13 – The Occupation Recalibration Review

ImageHow do they keep doing it? I think The Big Bang Theory is probably the only comedy that doesn’t disappoint, and manages to churn out great laughs every week. The one thing we learned this week? Don’t get between Sheldon and science!


He’s forced to take some holiday days, and true to Sheldon’s nature, he’s not very happy. Sheldon without science is like a big mac without the meat. Cold and crunchy; and The Occupation Recalibration showed that in many ways. Bernadette tries to replace a comic book of Howard’s, while Howard and Raj try to keep Amy company while Sheldon’s off work.

This gave the writers an opportunity to develop Amy’s relationships with other characters rather than the girls and Sheldon. Amy has been a breath of fresh air to the show, bringing in a new comedic dynamic, and finally giving Sheldon the awkward girlfriend he’s always needed. What has happened to Amy, though, is that she’s rarely left alone with the male characters in the show; opting to spend her time with the girls, and with Sheldon. This week, we see Raj and Howard’s relationship with Amy grow. Not only do the guys offer to take her out to lunch in Sheldon’s absence, but they end up helping her out of a uncomfortable situation as well. Kudos to the writers because we’ve been waiting for this for a while!

ImageI’ve never quite understood Stuart’s role in the whole show, and at times I struggle to understand why his character wasn’t cut a long time ago. He doesn’t add much to the group, and is popping up less and less all the time. They’ve even shown us a better comic book shop now!!


Another solid installment of the show. Now let’s see that wedding!

Take it easy

The Ninja


– Sheldon’s yoga was great!

– Still can’t believe Amy was BLOSSOM!!!

-Will Penny and Leonard ever get married!?