Perception – Season 2 Episode 14 – Obsession Review

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Blame it on the schyzo! Poor Daniel got accused of stalking his former therapist/girlfriend Caroline. Someone’s been sending her chocolates with knives, snakes in her car etc. So yeah, she goes ahead and blames him. Beesnitch.

That’s not all, during one of his lessons he has an ‘episode’, so one of the parents of the school board is determined to fire him. Continue reading


The Originals – Season 1 Episode 17 – Moon Over Bourbon Street Review

We’re still struggling to wrap out heads around the news that Claire Holt is gone from the show here at The TV Ninja. Moon Over Bourbon Street has seen the story jump one month into the future from Rebekah’s exit, and Elijah is firmly in control. He rips up the set of rules Marcel placed on the French Quarter and has a clear voting platform. Play nice or get out.

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Brooklyn Nine – Nine – Season 1 Episode 21 – Unsolvable Review

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Holt’s had a little injury this week, and Peralta won’t give up until he finds out what happened. Holt tells him it was from hula-hooping, shows Jake the pictures and deletes them, telling him that no one will believe him. Cue one angry Jake Peralta! Boyle and Viv are trying to decide whether to move to Canada or not, and Santiago, even though agreeing to help Holt has booked a romantic getaway with her boyfriend.

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Supernatural – Season 9 Episode 16 – Blade Runners Review

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Blade, running… running, blade..

This episode Sam and Dean had no choice (once again) but to work with Crowley. The king of hell is a bit off his game ever since the boys gave him human blood, so now he wants to get back on track and kill Abaddon once and for all.

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Trophy Wife – Season 1 Episode 17 – The Wedding – Part Two Review

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Cricket’s in town! Kate’s mum is here for the wedding, along with Pete’s parents. She made a great entrance, arriving handcuffed after going crazy on her flight.

Kate’s obviously concerned about her mother’s behaviour. Let’s just say that when Karen from ‘Will and Grace’ plays your mother, things will get insane. She brought male strippers to the rehearsal dinner, and all the insanity that came out of her mouth was obviously repeated by Bert. Safe to say, nobody was impressed. Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars – Season 4 Episode 24 – A Is For Answers Review

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Now that the police got hold of Cece Drake, the truth about Ali being alive was confirmed. She told the detectives how she used to meet up with her, etc. This seems problematic not only for the police but also for the girls, Mrs DiLaurentis and of course, Alison.

The girls got to meet up with Ali again. This time, it was great because we got a bit of what we always wanted. A lot of questions were answered by her telling them the story of how it all happened. She knew someone was blackmailing her, so A had been around all this time. Also, she told them about a flash drive with what were compromising videos of multiple people.

The whole point of the episode was for Ali to give confirmation to her friends about who isn’t A. It isn’t Ezra, or Mrs DiLaurentis or Toby, or Mona or anybody! Also, Ali confirms it for Spencer, she’s innocent! But we all knew that already…

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The Goldbergs – Season 1 Episode 18 – For Your Own Good Review

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Parents are creatures of habit, especially dads. This time, when Bev decides to get rid of Murray’s old chair, she ignited a war in true 80s form.

Bev bought a brand-new chair for the living room. Unfortunately Murray hates it, he liked his old chair, with his shape and his smell. Since she’s not up for getting it back, Murray decides to take something away from her. For an 80s mother, to have your oven replaced by a microwave must have been devastating (or awesome if you’re a bad cook). Bev felt useless.

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Perception – Season 2 Episode 13 – Cobra Review

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This time Daniel’s life gets a bit more exciting than usual when a former CIA spy is in danger.

Daniel’s friend and teaching colleague, Fred, tells him about Cobra, the spy and how people are trying to kill him. After Fred ends up dead, Daniel is determined to find out what is going on. Continue reading

Modern Family – Season 5 Episode 17 – Other People’s Children Review

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As usual, the Pritchett/Dunphys were all split up in different pairings for Other People’s Children. Jay cooks a big brunch for everyone, and they all bail on him to do different things. He’s reduced to asking Andy to stay and watch Basketball with him, obviously forgetting that Phil said he’d stick around and watch the game. Later in the episode he has some bonding time with Luke, and they do some shop work. Jay’s glad for it, too, because he knows that he’ll probably be too old when Jo gets to a similar age, so he’s happy to do it now. Continue reading